Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Hail Murray

Deandre Hopkins makes an almost impossible catch over three defenders (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A wild Week 10 of the NFL season has come to a close. There were some chaotic endings this week, but none crazier than the one in Arizona. Some of the powerhouses of the NFL were taken down as well. Here are the power rankings for Week 10 of the NFL season.

32. New York Jets (0-9) Prev: 32

The Jets couldn’t possibly lose this week, as they were on their bye week. The Jets have a realistic chance of finishing this season 0-16, which should serve as a sign that this team needs a complete reboot. From the front office to the entire roster.

Next: at Chargers

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) Prev: 31

The Jags were in it the entire game against Green Bay, but at the end of the day, they could not secure the win. Jake Luton was a lot less impressive this week but that is to be expected from a sixth-round pick facing one of the better teams in the league. Jacksonville may have to wait for Gardner Minshew’s return to get back in the win column.

Team MVP: James Robinson (109 rush yds)

Next: vs Steelers

30. Dallas Cowboys (2-7) Prev: 30

Dallas had their bye this week. Their season is likely lost due to the loss of Dak Prescott, and their lackluster defense. The Cowboys remain in the NFC East hunt because their competition is just as bad as they are.

Next: at Vikings

29. Washington Football Team (2-7) Prev: 29

Washington had no business making a game out of this one, but they almost led a miraculous second-half comeback against the Lions. However, they ultimately came up short. Washington has gone from the NFC East dark horse to just a bad team.

Team MVP: Alex Smith (38/55, 390 yds)

Next: vs Bengals

28. Cincinnati Bengals (2-6-1) Prev: 27

Cincy was the latest team to fall victim to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This one was never particularly close, as Big Ben dissected the Bengals defense, and the offense could only muster up ten points. The Bengals are still a young football team that will continue growing.

Team MVP: Tee Higgins (7 rec, 115 yds, TD)

Next: at Washington

27. Houston Texans (2-7) Prev: 26

Houston’s defense was run over by Cleveland but still held them to ten points. However, the offense was only able to come up with seven points, and the Texans dropped another game this week. Bill O’Brien’s damage is still being felt by this team, as they will not get their first round pick in a season where they are struggling.

Team MVP: Zach Cunningham (14 tackles)

Next: vs Patriots

26. New York Giants (3-7) Prev: 28

Don’t look now, but the Giants have won two in a row. They knocked off the current division leader and now are only separated from them by a tie. The NFC East is always changing, however, and the Giants’ momentum could come crashing down any week.

Team MVP: Daniel Jones (21/28, 244 yds, 64 rush yds)

Next: Bye

25. Los Angeles Chargers (2-7) Prev: 20

The Chargers took their largest loss of the season on Sunday. A whopping eight points. However, maybe it’s an improvement over losing on the last play for the last couple of weeks. The Chargers have struggled to finish the entire season, and their talent is so much better than their record says.

Team MVP: Kalen Ballage (68 rush yds, 5 rec, 34 yds)

Next: vs Jets

24. Denver Broncos (3-6) Prev: 23

Denver’s turnover problems were present once again, as they lost big to the Raiders. Drew Lock completed less than 50% of his passes and threw four picks to the Raiders. If Lock is the Broncos’ quarterback of the future, the turnovers have to go sooner rather than later.

Team MVP: Jerry Jeudy (4 rec, 68 yds)

Next: vs Dolphins

23. Atlanta Falcons (3-6) Prev: 25

Atlanta was on their bye week this week. The Falcons have a lot of talent on their roster, but in spite of that, the Falcons consistently find themselves either a middle of the road team or at the bottom of the league. Atlanta will look to solve their coaching woes once this season is over.

Next: at Saints

22. Detroit Lions (4-5) Prev: 24

The Lions won this game with a last-second field goal. This would be fine had the Lions not been winning by a score of 24-3 at some point in this game. The Lions let this one get way too close for comfort, but Matt Stafford was able to salvage the win for Detroit.

Team MVP: D’Andre Swift (81 rush yds, 5 rec, 68 yds, TD)

Next: at Panthers

21. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5-1) Prev: 22

Philly had a chance to be the first team to create some ground in the NFC East this season, but could not get by the New York Giants. It has gotten to the point where people are calling for Doug Pederson’s job after this season, and the claims are valid. However, he is a Super Bowl-winning head coach, so Philadelphia may not be willing to part with him so easily.

Team MVP: Miles Sanders (85 rush yds)

Next: at Browns

20. Carolina Panthers (3-7) Prev: 21

Teddy Bridgewater went down late in the Panthers’ big loss to the Buccaneers. His health will likely be Carolina’s primary concern going into next week. If Bridgewater is not able to go this week, the Panthers will likely turn to former XFL standout P.J. Walker.

Team MVP: DJ Moore (4 rec, 96 yds, TD)

Next: vs Lions

19. San Francisco 49ers (4-6) Prev: 17

The defending NFC champs are now two games under .500, and it is not their fault for the most part. They’ve been bit by the injury bug this season, losing most of their best players, such as George Kittle, Richard Sherman, and Jimmy Garoppolo. They also play in the best division in football, the NFC West.

Team MVP: Brandon Aiyuk (7 rec, 75 yds, TD)

Next: Bye

18. Chicago Bears (5-5) Prev: 16

And just like that, the Bears have been exposed. They struggled to put up points, even with a 104-yard kick return for a touchdown by Cordarrelle Patterson. Nick Foles also got injured, which will likely lead to the return of Mitch Trubisky. Not even this defense can carry this offense.

Team MVP: Roquan Smith (14 tackles, sack)

Next: Bye

17. Minnesota Vikings (4-5) Prev: 19

Ever since their victory over the Packers, the Vikings’ season has been on the rebound. It has largely been on the back of Dalvin Cook, but it was the passing game and the defense that impressed in their victory over the Bears. Minnesota looks to be a dangerous opponent in the coming weeks.

Team MVP: Justin Jefferson (8 rec, 135 yds)

Next: vs Cowboys

16. New England Patriots (4-5) Prev: 18

Count out the New England Patriots at your own risk. After seemingly finding their identity in a loss to Buffalo, the Patriots find themselves one game below .500 after an upset victory over the Ravens. This team plays smashmouth football, and they don’t look to win pretty. They run the football and create turnovers on defense, led by the league leader in interceptions, J.C. Jackson. It may be too late to make a division run, but if somebody like Cleveland or Las Vegas begins to slip, the Patriots could be there to steal a playoff spot.

Team MVP: Damien Harris (121 rush yds)

Next: at Houston

15. Cleveland Browns (6-3) Prev: 15

The Browns didn’t put up a crazy amount of points, but they did enough to get a win over the Houston Texans. Getting Nick Chubb back makes the Browns more dangerous on offense, as they had two 100-yard rushers in both Chubb and Kareem Hunt. This team should continue to lean on the run.

Team MVP: Nick Chubb (126 rush yds, TD)

Next: vs Eagles

14. Miami Dolphins (6-3) Prev: 14

The Dolphins are 3-0 since their switch to Tua Tagovailoa, and the defense deserves a lot of credit as well. They held an explosive Chargers offense to 21 points and less than 200 yards passing. The Dolphins are on a mission to earn respect right now.

Team MVP: Salvon Ahmed (85 rush yds, TD)

Next: at Broncos

13. Las Vegas Raiders (6-3) Prev: 13

The Raiders bulldozed their way to a victory over the Broncos on Sunday. This team can effectively run the football on just about anybody, and they have the receivers to beat you over the top with guys like Henry Ruggs and Nelson Agholor. The Raiders get round two with the Chiefs next week.

Team MVP: Josh Jacobs (112 rush yds, 4 rec, 24 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Chiefs

12. Tennessee Titans (6-3) Prev: 6

The Titans stumble out of the top ten after a divisional loss to the Colts. A win could have put them in the driver’s seat for the foreseeable future, but now they need to get back to their winning ways as soon as possible. It does not get much easier for the Titans next week.

Team MVP: Derrick Henry (103 rush yds)

Next: at Ravens

11. Los Angeles Rams (6-3) Prev: 12

The Rams scored a statement victory over the Seahawks to pull them into a three-way tie for the lead in the NFC West. The defense got Russell Wilson to turn the ball over three times, and Jared Goff threw for over 300 yards. The Rams will need another statement win this week to remain in the hunt.

Team MVP: Darious Williams (tackles, 2 INTs)

Next: at Buccaneers

10. Indianapolis Colts (6-3) Prev: 11

A division win over the Titans to put them at the same record will pull the Colts into the top ten. The defense held Tennesee under 300 total yards, and the Phillip Rivers-led offense put up 34 points. The Colts have always been a quarterback shy of building something special since Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement and Phillip Rivers could be that quarterback.

Team MVP: Nyheim Hines (70 rush yds, 5 rec, 45 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Packers

9. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) Prev: 4

The Ravens were not ready for the rain on Sunday night and fell right into a trap game, losing to the Patriots. Since the Steelers refuse to lose, every game the Ravens lose puts them further and further back of the division crown. It does not seem like the Ravens will be getting too much help from the Steelers’ opponents this year, so the Ravens will have to keep winning.

Team MVP: Wille Snead IV (5 rec, 64 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Titans

8. Seattle Seahawks (6-3) Prev: 5

Seattle was shocked by the Rams this week. Another week of uncharacteristic turnovers led to Seattle’s collapse, and they have now dropped two straight. With the way the defense has been playing all year, Russ needs to find that MVP form again so the Seahawks don’t lose too much ground in the NFC West.

Team MVP: D.J. Reed Jr. (10 tackles, fumble recovery)

Next: vs Cardinals

7. Buffalo Bills (7-3) Prev: 3

Bills fans are hurting after Sunday’s game. A miraculous catch by Deandre Hopkins stole the victory from them after Josh Allen led a go-ahead drive with less than a minute on the clock. How the Bills respond to a soul-crushing loss like this will define their season, as if they sulk for too long, they could lose more ground to the surging Miami Dolphins.

Team MVP: Cole Beasley (11 rec, 109 yds, TD)

Next: Bye

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) Prev: 9

Tompa Bay successfully rebounded after an ugly loss to the Saints last week. For all the weapons in Tampa Bay, it was Ronald Jones who had the best game, running for almost 200 yards, including a 98-yard scamper for a touchdown. The Bucs get another tough matchup this week.

Team MVP: Ronald Jones (192 rush yds, TD)

Next: vs Rams

5. Arizona Cardinals (6-3) Prev: 10

And so they shall call it the Hail Murray. Kyler Murray made an insane throw rolling to his left and chucking it 50 yards to the endzone, where Deandre Hopkins made a catch over Tre’davious White, Micah Hyde, and Jordan Poyer, Buffalo’s three best pass defenders. It will likely go down as the play of the year and will be watched for years to come. And it gives Arizona a chance to take sole possession of the NFC West, provided that the Bucs beat the Rams.

Team MVP: Deandre Hopkins (7 rec, 127 yds, TD)

Next: at Seahawks

4. New Orleans Saints (7-2) Prev: 8

The Saints could be in trouble. Drew Brees suffered a collapsed lung and fractured ribs in a win over the 49ers and is expected to miss time. the Saints will now likely turn to Jameis Winston, who threw 30 touchdowns for the Bucs last year. On the flip side of that, he also threw 30 interceptions. The Saints will hope they can make Jameis look like the number one overall pick that he was.

Team MVP: Malcom Jenkins (5 tackles, INT)

Next: vs Falcons

3. Green Bay Packers (7-2) Prev: 7

Green Bay climbs back up to the top three this week. The Jaguars played them tough, but Green Bay was able to keep them down long enough to secure a win. Due to Minnesota’s early struggles and Chicago’s current struggles, the Packers have a comfortable lead in the NFC North.

Team MVP: Aaron Rodgers (24/34, 325 yds, 2 TDs, INT)

Next: at Colts

2. Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) Prev: 2

The defending champs had their bye week this week. With the other candidates starting to struggle, Patrick Mahomes has pulled ahead in the MVP race. He can help his case by avenging the Chiefs’ only loss this season next week.

Next: at Raiders

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0) Prev: 1

The NFL’s last remaining unbeaten will officially finish the season above .500 no matter what. The Steelers decimated the Bengals, and it does not get much harder next week. The Steelers have a real shot at 16-0, with their only real challenges left being showdowns with the Ravens and Bills.

Team MVP: Ben Roethlisberger (27/46, 333 yds, 4 TDs)

Next: at Jaguars