As it is officially Super Bowl Sunday, it is time to see what some ASN bloggers think about the big game. This one is as intriguing as ever, a team with talent from top to bottom with a scrappy underdog playing for a city who had not seen a playoff win since 1988 before this year.

Cam Ellinwood

Cincinnati Bengals 34, Los Angeles Rams 31

The Rams have a lot more talent than the Bengals have, but so did the Titans and the Chiefs.  There is something different about these Bengals, they should not even be close to the Super Bowl, yet here they are.  Joe Burrow and Jamarr Chase have been unbelievable to watch throughout these playoffs but with Jalen Ramsey on Chase, it is going to be a big day for Tee Higgins.  And of course, Evan Mcpherson hits a game-winner, because why not?  The man is clutch.

Katie Siegle

Cincinnati Bengals 30, Los Angeles Rams 27

As a fan of the Chiefs who is still recovering from the AFC Championship, I am hopping right on the Cincinnati Bengals train for this epic Super Bowl matchup. Even with the power duo of Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp at home in LA, I don’t see the Bengals losing any of the momentum they have accumulated throughout this postseason. They’ve moved through the Raiders, the Titans and the Chiefs, and I really don’t think they’re going to stop now. Joe Burrow has had a breakout year, winning more games for the Bengals than I would have thought prior to the league start. With guys like Joe Mixon and Ja’Marr Chase at his side, Burrow and the Bengals are taking this one home to Cincy.

Ben Dainis

Cincinnati Bengals 27, Los Angeles Rams 24

A stacked Rams team vs an underdog with no Super Bowls led by a second-year field general QB? I’ve seen this one before. It’s 2001 all over again! The Bengals seem like a team of destiny with the emergence of Joe Burrow, and Evan McPherson has been reprising the role of Adam Vinatieri very well. I expect this one to end with yet another McPherson game-winner after a clutch drive from Burrow. Now whether or not the Bengals turn into the Patriots is another story entirely.

Nick Simeone

Los Angeles Rams 27, Cincinnati Bengals 17

The Bengals run has been fun, but it’s over. This feels like the perfect storm for the Rams to come in and give the Bengals a reality check. Sean McVay, Matthew Stafford, and Aaron Donald are all hungry to win a ring to add to their legacies. Storylines aside, I believe this is a great matchup for the Rams. Cincinnati has overcome their questionable offensive line play thanks to their exceptional wide receivers. The Titans got 9 sacks on Burrow just two games ago, and now the Bengals will have the pleasure of meeting Donald and Von Miller in the trenches. LA has the best CB in the league to go head to head with the Bengals receivers. And I have even mentioned the Rams offense. LA wins this one in their home stadium.

Justin McCarthy

Cincinnati Bengals 27, Los Angeles Rams 24

Joe Burrow: He finds a way to win games, Even with getting sacked 12 times by the #1 seeded Tennessee Titans. He somehow put the team on his back. He has the IT factor, the same IT factor that won 7 Super Bowls for Tom Brady.
Evan McPherson: This kid is the real deal… Dare I say as clutch as Adam Vinatieri. Well, maybe not yet, but he is definitely going to be one of the best kickers in the league for years to come. This Sunday, it may come down to him, I have the utmost confidence that it goes right down the middle of the uprights to give the Bengals their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Colin Carofano

Cincinnati Bengals 30, Los Angeles Rams 27

This has been one of, if not the best NFL Playoffs we have seen to date. I expect nothing less in Super Bowl LVI. There aren’t a pair of quarterbacks other than these two that would be a more universally liked matchup for this game. While I would love to see Matthew Stafford get his first ring, I think Joe Burrow keeps the hot streak alive. Joe Burrr will complete the franchise turnaround and lead the Cincinnati Bengals to their first-ever Super Bowl win.

Mark Radigan

Los Angeles Rams 28, Cinncinati Bengals 24

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what Joe Burrow is doing in Cinncinatti. He’s been Pro-Bowl caliber all year, and a lot can happen when you’re riding the momentum that the Bengals currently are. But, it’s the Los Angeles Rams. Before the season, I predicted that the Rams would make the Super Bowl on my podcast. They have a top coach in the league, an MVP caliber QB, a wide receiver core LSU’s 2019 team would be proud of, and did I mention Aaron Donald. I feel that Burrow is going to put the Bengals on his back, and lead a shootout vs Stafford that will go to the very end, but his offensive line is going to let him down, and Stafford is going to get his much deserved first Super Bowl.

Patrick Angarola

Los Angeles Rams 30, Cinncinati Bengals 17

I think the Rams front 7 will really control this game so I’m going 30-17, Rams. Also, this is a bit bold, but I’m predicting Aaron Donald wins Super Bowl MVP becoming the first defensive player to do so since his teammate, Von Miller, did it with the broncos back in 2016.

Leah Popovic

Cincinnati Bengals 24, Los Angeles Rams 21

I have faith in the Burrow/McPherson/Chase trio to get the job done despite the talent from Kupp and Odell. I’m a dreamer!