MLB is Back

After 99 days of long nights and what seemed to be many pointless meetings, the two parties have reached a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement Thursday afternoon.

Since the deadline to make a deal has already passed, the date for Opening Day was pushed back to April 7th. Thankfully, there will still be a 162-game season. The mandatory report date for spring training is set for March 13th and players can report as early as Friday. Here are some details on what comes with the new CBA:

per’s Mark Feinsand

In addition, the player’s union agreed to enlarge bases, ban the shift, and implement a stricter pitch clock for the 2023 season. All HUGE changes to the game of baseball.

This was a stressful time for not only players and owners, but for us fans as well. There were times where hopes were up, but ended up amounting to nothing. I really do feel for the players, though. All of this time they could have been using their team facilities and resources, but they were restricted because of the lockout. Another thing is that all free agents were unable to sign and talk with teams during this time (I’m sure no one was talking behind closed doors).

Free Agency

Now this is where the fun begins. MLB free agency may begin as early as Thursday night at 6 p.m.

About 300 players are eligible as free agents, and there are so many big names out there that are waiting to get PAID. That list includes; Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, Freddie Freeman, Nicholas Castellanos, Jorge Soler, Trevor Story, Carlos Rodón, Kyle Schwarber, Nelson Cruz, Kenley Jansen, Anthony Rizzo, and more. The rule change of a universal DH, especially, will help this FA market with signing options.

Yankees have 'requested medicals' of 3 big free agent names
Carmen Mandato | Credit: Getty Images

Although it seems that this is a juiced FA class, let me remind you of what happened before the lockout… in case you forgot:

Max Scherzer → NYM (3 yrs, $130M)

Corey Seager → TEX (10 yrs, $325M)

Marcus Semien → TEX (7 yrs, $175M)

Javier Baez → DET (6 yrs, $140M)

Marcus Stroman → CHC (3 yrs, $71M)

Justin Verlander → HOU (2 yrs, $50M)

Robbie Ray → SEA (5 yrs, $115)

Kevin Gausman → TOR (5 yrs, $110)

Buckle up, before you know it there will be actual MLB games. Spring training games will start on March 17th, and only a short three weeks after that will be Opening Day.