If you, like me, were concerned the Boston Red Sox were going to lose most of their 2018 World Series championship roster, you need no longer worry about one player in particular.

Alex Speier of the Boston Globe reported the Sox have “reached an agreement with shortstop Xander Bogaerts on a long-term deal that would keep the 26-year-old and two-time World Series winner in Boston well beyond his eligibility for free agency after the 2019 season.” Bogaerts will receive the $12 million he was owed this upcoming season before free agency and then will receive $120 million over the next six years.

For the Sox, this is fantastic news. Not only do they no longer have to fear losing their two-time champion shortstop, but they have him for six more years. As a dedicated fan and someone who has watched a fair amount of Sox games in her day, I can truly say I’m ecstatic to know Bogaerts is not going anywhere any time soon. It can be argued he’s grown into the player he is today because of the Red Sox organization; it wouldn’t be right to see him in any other uniform.

Bogaerts is not the only player on the 2018 roster wanting to stay in Boston. On March 22, Ace left-hander Chris Sale, a pitcher whose performances proved critical to the 2018 season, agreed to a five-year contract extension worth $145 million. Like with Bogaerts, I was more than pleased to find out the Sox had locked up another player essential to their success last season.

As of today, the Red Sox have lost four of their first five games, clearly not starting off the 2019 season too hot and losing their first series against the Seattle Mariners. Hopefully things will start to turn up as the Sox crack open a four-game series against the Oakland Athletics this week.