Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Is Baltimore the New King of the AFC?

After their domination of the Chargers, are the Ravens the best team in the AFC? Photo by Tommy Gilligan, USA Today Sports

Week Six of the NFL season raised some serious questions about some teams in the NFL. The Ravens look like the undisputed kings of the AFC, and teams that started hot like the Panthers and Browns now have serious question marks attached to them. Here are the power rankings after Week Six of the NFL season.

32. Detroit Lions (0-6) Prev: 30

In most of Detroit’s previous losses, they kept the game fairly close. That was not the case here. The Bengals thoroughly dominated the Lions, and there were not many if any aspects where Detroit was impressive in this game. They look like the NFL’s worst team.

Team MVP: TJ Hockenson (8 rec, 74 yds)

Next: at Rams

31. Houston Texans (1-5) Prev: 31

Houston’s struggles continued into this week, as the Texans got ran over by the Colts. Brandin Cooks continues to be the only noteworthy part of the Texans’ offense, as nobody else can seem to get it going for Houston. Davis Mills needs somebody to step up.

Team MVP: Brandin Cooks (9 rec, 89 yds)

Next: at Cardinals

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) Prev: 32

Well, the Jaguars’ losing streak was never able to buy that first drink, as it stopped at 20 games. The only Trevor Lawrence turnover in this game was a lost fumble. The lack of interceptions is very encouraging, and the Jags will want more of this in the future from Lawrence.

Team MVP: James Robinson (73 yds, TD, 3 rec, 28 yds)

Next: Bye

29. New York Jets (1-4) Prev: 29

The Jets had their bye week this week. Maybe Zach Wilson will come out of it throwing fewer interceptions.

Next: at Patriots

28. New York Giants (1-5) Prev: 28

The Giants, without most of their key offensive skill position players, were crushed by the Rams this week. People will try to put this on Daniel Jones, but it would be tough for almost any quarterback to win without his best wide receiver and top running back.

Team MVP: Xavier McKinney (3 tackles, 2 INTs)

Next: vs Panthers

27. Atlanta Falcons (2-3) Prev: 27

Atlanta had their bye this week. It gives their defense a break from being toasted by opposing offenses.

Next: at Dolphins

26. Miami Dolphins (1-5) Prev: 25

Miami has had a very puzzling last two seasons. Last year, the Dolphins were right in the middle of the playoff picture and looked like they would be back there again this year. However, they’ve gotten out to a 1-5 start, and just gave Jacksonville their first win in 20 games. Miami needs to rediscover what they had last year.

Team MVP: Jaylen Waddle (10 rec, 70 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Falcons

25. Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) Prev: 24

The Eagles tried to make a dramatic comeback in the second half but ultimately came up short against the Bucs. Jalen Hurts’ inconsistencies continue to plague the Eagles. In one game, he looks like a true dual-threat quarterback, and in another game, he will be struggling to move the ball through the air and on the ground.

Team MVP: Anthony Harris (5 tackles, INT)

Next: at Raiders

24. Indianapolis Colts (2-4) Prev: 26

The Colts looked like the team they’re supposed to be for the first time all season in a win against Houston. Jonathan Taylor is making a case to get more touches out of the backfield after having back-to-back great weeks. He is undoubtedly the best player in that Colts’ offense.

Team MVP: Jonathan Taylor (145 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at 49ers

23. Chicago Bears (3-3) Prev: 22

As Aaron Rodgers said on Sunday to the Bears’ fans, he still owns them. Chicago fell to their longtime nemesis, the Green Bay Packers, to fall back to .500. The Bears did let Fields run a little bit early on, as he recorded six carries for 43 yards. Coach Matt Nagy should let his quarterback run more often.

Team MVP: Khalil Herbert (97 yds, TD)

Next: at Buccaneers

22. New England Patriots (2-4) Prev: 21

The Patriots had Dallas beat… and then they didn’t. And then they did! And then they lost. A very back and forth fourth quarter and overtime led to a heartbreaking loss for New England. Mac Jones continues to be a bright spot, as the future looks bright in Foxboro. The present, however, is a lot more unclear.

Team MVP: Damien Harris (101 yds, TD)

Next: vs Jets

21. Minnesota Vikings (3-3) Prev: 23

The Vikings were winners in an OT thriller. Minnesota seems like one of those teams that just can’t play any normal games this year. They either have to come back late or fend off a late comeback. They were able to pull this one out, but I’m sure Vikings fans would like a much tamer experience in the future.

Team MVP: Dalvin Cook (140 yds, TD)

Next: Bye

20. Washington Football Team (2-4) Prev: 19

Last year’s NFC East champions took another L this week and are likely falling out of the race for the division, especially with Dallas taking off as they have. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s return is still a long way off, but not even Fitzmagic can help Washington at this rate.

Team MVP: JD McKissic (45 yds, 8 rec, 65 yds)

Next: at Packers

19. Seattle Seahawks (2-4) Prev: 13

With the way, things are going, and considering Russell Wilson is still out for a while, the Seahawks season may as well be toast. The worst part of it all is that Seattle will not have their first-round pick this year, as it was traded to the Jets for the self-proclaimed “best in the nation” Jamal Adams.

Team MVP: Alex Collins (101 yds, TD)

Next: vs Saints

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3) Prev: 20

Pittsburgh has come alive on offense over the last two weeks. Even though JuJu Smith-Schuster went out, Diontae Johnson and Najee Harris look more than ready to carry the load. We’ll see if it lasts.

Team MVP: Najee Harris (81 yds, 6 rec, 46 yds, TD)

Next: Bye

17. Denver Broncos (3-3) Prev: 16

The Broncos ran into a determined Raiders team who just cut ties with Jon Gruden. Denver started strong but has slowed down considerably since then. If the losing streak continues, one has to wonder if Denver makes a change at quarterback to try and turn their luck around.

Team MVP: Noah Fant (9 rec, 97 yds, TD)

Next: at Browns

16. San Francisco 49ers (2-3) Prev: 15

San Fran had their bye week this week. It gives Kyle Shanahan a week to try and catch his team up to Arizona and LA.

Next: vs Colts

15. Carolina Panthers (3-3) Prev: 12

Carolina has cooled off considerably since their hot start. A lot of that probably has to do with the absence of Christian McCaffrey, their most dynamic player. The sooner he gets back, the better for Carolina, although they will have to wait at least two more weeks.

Team MVP: Chuba Hubbard (61 yds, TD)

Next: at Giants

14. Las Vegas Raiders (4-2) Prev: 14

Vegas came out as a team possessed against the Broncos, and ended up getting a win in a game they had no reason to win. With all that transpired during the week, good on the Raiders for getting a win this week. Hopefully, it gives them momentum going forward.

Team MVP: Derek Carr (18/27, 341 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Eagles

13. New Orleans Saints (3-3) Prev: 11

The Saints had their bye this week. It gives Jameis Winston time to throw fewer head-scratching interceptions.

Next: at Seahawks

12. Cleveland Browns (3-3) Prev: 8

Baker Mayfield came up short against Kyler Murray in a battle of former Oklahoma quarterbacks. He also likely ended up injuring his shoulder further than it already was, and it remains to be seen if he will miss any time. Regardless, the Browns could be in a tight spot, either playing with an injured quarterback or a backup.

Team MVP: Donovan Peoples-Jones (4 rec, 101 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Broncos

11. Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) Prev: 17

The Bengals are becoming hard to deny. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase’s chemistry from college has translated perfectly to the NFL, and they sit behind the Ravens by one game for the division lead in the AFC North. They are a serious worst-to-first candidate.

Team MVP: Joe Mixon (94 yds, 5 rec, 59 yds, TD)

Next: at Ravens

10. Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) Prev: 7

Kansas City got back in the win column this week, but they have been rather unimpressive, especially Patrick Mahomes in particular. Mahomes had two interceptions, including an ugly one where he just threw it up. The Chiefs will likely figure it out, but right now, it’s bad.

Team MVP: Patrick Mahomes (32/47, 397 yds, 2 TDs, 2 INTs)

Next: at Titans

9. Tennessee Titans (4-2) Prev: 18

The Titans take a massive jump on the list after a primetime signature win over Buffalo. Derrick Henry may have to be MVP this season with the way he’s playing. He’s the overwhelming leader in rush yards and is putting the titans on his back to this point in the season.

Team MVP: Derrick Henry (143 yds, 3 TDs)

Next: vs Chiefs

8. Dallas Cowboys (5-1) Prev: 10

The Cowboys are serious NFC contenders. They pulled out a game against New England that they had already basically lost after a missed field goal. Dem Boys have a gigantic lead on the NFC East and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Team MVP: CeeDee Lamb (9 rec, 149 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: Bye

7. Los Angeles Chargers (4-2) Prev: 6

The Chargers got brought back to reality by the Ravens and were thoroughly beaten. Justin Herbert had his worst game of the season, throwing for over 200 yards, and couldn’t get anything going on offense. Brandon Staley gets a bye week to correct his team’s mistakes.

Team MVP: Kyzir White (8 tackles, 2 INTs)

Next: Bye

6. Buffalo Bills (4-2) Prev: 4

Buffalo got Derrick Henry’d by the Titans, and they fell to 4-2. They have newfound competition at the top of the AFC in the Ravens, and no longer have the top seed. The Bills get a bye next week.

Team MVP: Stefon Diggs (9 rec, 89 yds, TD)

Next: Bye

5. Green Bay Packers (5-1) Prev: 9

Aaron Rodgers said to Bears fans, “I own you!” And own them he does, as he beat the Bears again on Sunday. Green Bay has little to no competition in the NFC North, and the only team that has even a little chance of beating them in the NFC North is Minnesota, and even then they’d need a bad day from the Packers’ defense.

Team MVP: Aaron Jones (76 yds, 4 rec, 34 yds, TD)

Next: vs Washington

4. Baltimore Ravens (5-1) Prev: 5

The Ravens looked extremely impressive against a Chargers team that had been very impressive through the first five weeks. Lamar Jackson is another name that warrants MVP consideration, though two-interception games don’t help his case there. The Ravens as a team look like the top of the class in the AFC.

Team MVP: DeShon Elliot (3 tackles, sack, INT)

Next: vs Bengals

3. Los Angeles Rams (5-1) Prev: 3

The Rams continue to rack up the wins early n in the year. Next week’s matchup is a little personal, however, as Matt Stafford gets to take on the team that traded him this offseason, the Lions. Both Stafford and Jared Goff will be out for revenge against their former squads next week.

Team MVP: Cooper Kupp (9 rec, 130 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Lions

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-1) Prev: 2

Things may have gotten a little scary at the end, but the Bucs came out of Thursday Night Football as winners. Tom Brady also deserves MVP consideration, but he’s not as exciting of a name as Kyler Murray or Derrick Henry because Brady has already won the award several times before. Nonetheless, I’m sure Brady won’t mind as long as he’s in the Super Bowl again.

Team MVP: Leonard Fournette (81 yds, 2 TDs, 6 rec, 46 yds)

Next: vs Bears

1. Arizona Cardinals (6-0) Prev: 1

Arizona remains the lone unbeaten in the NFL, and they remain at the top of the power rankings. As previously mentioned, Kyler Murray deserves MVP consideration for his performance thus far. Arizona is the most complete team in the NFL at the moment, provided that they stay healthy. They go three-to-four receivers deep and just acquired Zach Ertz at tight end. This passing offense is about to become that much scarier.

Team MVP: Kyler Murray (20/30, 229 yds, 4 TDs)

Next: vs Texans