Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: Chargers, Raiders Set to Play for Playoff Spot

Derek Carr and the Raiders are ready to fight for their playoff lives. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Week 17 of the NFL season is usually the final week before the playoffs. However, we have one more week of the NFL season remaining before the postseason. With the expanded regular season, there are still some playoff spots to be claimed. Who is in the best position to punch their tickets to the NFL playoffs? Here are the power rankings for Week 17 of the NFL season.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14) (Eliminated) Prev: 32

The Jags got 50-balled by the Patriots and are still poised to receive the first overall pick in the draft. Another loss next week will seal the deal, giving the Jags back-to-back years with the first overall pick.

Team MVP: Laquon Treadwell (6 rec, 87 yds)

Next: vs Colts

31. New York Giants (4-12) (Eliminated) Prev: 31

The Giants are showing the NFL world that Daniel Jones does have value. Both backups, Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm have seemed incapable of doing anything at even an average level. Glennon couldn’t even reach 30 yards passing. Simply put, Saquon Barkley doesn’t deserve this.

Team MVP: Saquon Barkley (102 yds)

Next: vs Washington

30. Detroit Lions (2-13-1) (Eliminated) Prev: 30

Detroit also got 50-balled by a struggling Seahawks offense. Amon-Ra St. Brown seems to be a bright spot, though, as he has consistently been putting up great numbers for the Lions, no matter who is at quarterback. A nice find by the Lions.

Team MVP: Amon-Ra St. Brown (8 rec, 111 yds, TD)

Next: vs Packers

29. New York Jets (4-12) (Eliminated) Prev: 29

While the Jets may have managed to break Antonio Brown, they could not hold on to defeat Tom Brady. Tom Brady defeating the Jets is a tale as old as time, and it comes in many forms. This one, however, may be the most unique.

Team MVP: Braxton Berrios (8 rec, 65 yds, TD)

Next: at Bills

28. Carolina Panthers (5-11) (Eliminated) Prev: 28

Carolina has a glaring quarterback problem. Neither Cam Newton nor Sam Darnold seems starting material. However, they have many ways of solving it. They have a first-round pick, as well as several trade options such as Deshaun Watson or maybe even Jimmy Garopollo.

Team MVP: Jeremy Chinn (4 tackles, sack)

Next: at Buccaneers

27. Houston Texans (4-12) (Eliminated) Prev: 26

Houston was thoroughly outplayed by the 49ers. They’ve played spoiler for a few teams this season but could not here. The Texans are looking forward to the offseason so they can get on with the rebuild already.

Team MVP: Brandin Cooks (7 rec, 66 yds, TD)

Next: vs Titans

26. Washington Football Team (6-10) (Eliminated) Prev: 24

And with that, Washington is officially eliminated. It’s impressive they lasted this long when their starting quarterback got injured so early in the season, and their best player missed the last quarter of the season. Washington will likely look for a quarterback this offseason.

Team MVP: Jaret Patterson (57 yds, TD)

Next: at Giants

25. Seattle Seahawks (6-10) (Eliminated) Prev: 27

For those of you playing fantasy football, Seattle’s offense certainly helped their managers. Four touchdowns from Russell Wilson, three of them to DK Metcalf, and a solid day for Rashaad Penny. Seattle continues in what could be the last season for Russell Wilson or Pete Carroll.

Team MVP: DK Metcalf (6 rec, 63 yds, 3 TDs)

Next: at Cardinals

24. Chicago Bears (6-10) (Eliminated) Prev: 25

Chicago took full advantage of the Giants’ poor quarterback play and got a win. Chicago fans will only have to endure Matt Nagy for one more game. Maybe Justin Fields can get a coach that will use his skill set rather than adopt a different skillset.

Team MVP: David Montgomery (64 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at Vikings

23. Denver Broncos (7-9) (Eliminated) Prev: 23

Denver could not keep themselves alive and are now eliminated. Next year, Javonte Williams will likely be utilized much more, as he proved to be a nice find in the draft, but Melvin Gordon took touches away while producing as well.

Team MVP: Noah Fant (6 rec, 92 yds, TD)

Next: vs Chiefs

22. Cleveland Browns (7-9) (Eliminated) Prev: 22

Coming into the season, a lot of people thought the Browns would win the AFC North. Now, they will not even make the playoffs. Baker Mayfield’s injuries severely hindered the Browns’ offense, but playing through it certainly didn’t help matters either. Next year will be make or break for Baker if he even returns to the team next year.

Team MVP: Jadeveon Clowney (6 tackles, 2 sacks)

Next: vs Bengals

21. Atlanta Falcons (7-9) (Eliminated) Prev: 21

Despite the team seemingly taking a step forward this year, it was not enough, and the Falcons are now eliminated. Hopefully, the Falcons will get Calvin Ridley back next year. The defense will still need a few pieces as well.

Team MVP: Foyesade Oluokun (13 tackles, INT)

Next: vs Saints

20. Minnesota Vikings (7-9) (Eliminated) Prev: 18

The Vikings had a playoff spot for a while but now find themselves eliminated. The defense was not up to Mike Zimmer’s standards, and it may even cost him his job. The Vikings’ offense seems to be set, but the defense needs help virtually everywhere except for a few key players like Eric Kendricks and Danielle Hunter.

Team MVP: Justin Jefferson (6 rec, 58 yds)

Next: vs Bears

19. Miami Dolphins (8-8) (Eliminated) Prev: 15

Miami’s streak has come to an end, and thus, they are eliminated from playoff contention. The seven-game winning streak was a valiant attempt to bring the team back from their 1-7 record, but it proved to be too much. The Dolphins will look to knock New England down a few seeds again next week.

Team MVP: Mike Gesicki (4 rec, 51 yds)

Next: vs Patriots

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7-1) Prev: 20

The Steelers are still barely hanging in there, winning in Ben Roethlisberger’s potential final home game. Pittsburgh will need a lot of help, in addition to winning their last game of the season on the road. Don’t count on the Steelers getting that final playoff spot.

Team MVP: Najee Harris (188 yds, TD)

Next: at Ravens

17. New Orleans Saints (8-8) Prev: 19

New Orleans is the only team remaining on the bubble for the NFC. They’ll need the 49ers to lose in addition to winning their own game. It’s not impossible considering who both teams are matching up against.

Team MVP: Cameron Jordan (8 tackles, 3.5 sacks)

Next: at Falcons

16. Baltimore Ravens (8-8) Prev: 16

Once again, the Ravens were without Lamar Jackson, and once again, the Ravens took a loss. Now Baltimore is going to need a lot of help, in addition to beating the Steelers in Big Ben’s potential final game as a Steeler. The sooner Lamar is healthy enough to play, the better.

Team MVP: Mark Andrews (6 rec, 89 yds)

Next: vs Steelers

15. Las Vegas Raiders (9-7) Prev: 17

An upset over the Colts is enough to let the Raiders decide their future. They’ll face the Chargers to determine which team gets the last playoff spot in the AFC. The Raiders will have the home-field advantage.

Team MVP: Zay Jones (8 rec, 120 yds)

Next: vs Chargers

14. Los Angeles Chargers (9-7) Prev: 14

The Chargers kept themselves alive with a dominating win over the Broncos in a do-or-die game. Now they get to have another one against the Raiders this week. Los Angeles is the better team on paper, but anything can happen in a game with playoff implications.

Team MVP: Justin Herbert (22/31, 237 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at Raiders

13. Indianapolis Colts (9-7) Prev: 6

It will be pretty hard for the Colts to mess this up, but they’re not in just yet. A loss to the Raiders means that they will have to beat the Jags, who are currently the worst team in the league to get in. Expect Indy to get in.

Team MVP: Jonathan Taylor (108 yds, TD)

Next: at Jaguars

12. San Francisco 49ers (9-7) Prev: 12

The 49ers took down Houston with ease, with Trey Lance under center. San Francisco will still have to fight their way in, and it won’t come easy. They get the Rams next week, who are playing to remain in control of the second seed in the NFC.

Team MVP: Elijah Mitchell (119 yds, 2 rec, 11 yds, TDs)

Next: at Rams

11. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) Prev: 13

In one of the more unexpected twists this season, the Philadelphia Eagles will find themselves in the playoffs. After Nick Sirriani’s introduction press conference, nobody would have thought the Eagles would be doing anything. On top of that, this team is relatively young, so getting them playoff experience will be good for Philly’s young core.

Team MVP: Josh Sweat (5 tackles, 1.5 sacks)

Next: vs Cowboys

10. New England Patriots (10-6) Prev: 11

The Pats put up 50, and with Miami’s loss, the one-year drought is over. The Patriots are back in the playoffs. Bill Belichick is always a nightmare to match up against in the playoffs, so whichever team draws the Patriots will be in for a heck of a week of prep.

Team MVP: Rhamondre Stevenson (107 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at Dolphins

9. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) Prev: 10

Speaking of unexpected twists this season, how about the Bengals? We expected Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase to become a deadly connection, but they just beat the Chiefs this week while setting all kinds of records. On top of that, they’re AFC North champions. A great success for the Bengals.

Team MVP: Ja’Marr Chase (11 rec, 266 yds, 3 TDs)

Next: at Browns

8. Buffalo Bills (10-6) Prev: 9

Buffalo knocked off the Falcons this week and is now a win against the Jets away from clinching the AFC East. What is more concerning is the three picks thrown by Josh Allen. Doing that two weeks before the playoffs could be concerning.

Team MVP: Devin Singletary (110 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Jets

7. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) Prev: 4

Kansas City lost its grip on the number one seed with a loss to the Bengals. They still look like the best team in the AFC, and getting burnt by Ja’Marr Chase is nothing to be ashamed of. The Chiefs will likely have to play Wild Card Weekend now.

Team MVP: Patrick Mahomes (26/35, 254 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at Broncos

6. Arizona Cardinals (11-5) Prev: 7

Arizona got a big win over the Cowboys to give them some confidence heading into the playoffs. The win also keeps them in the race for the NFC West. With the 49ers playing for a Wild Card spot next week, winning the division is not out of the question.

Team MVP: Kyler Murray (26/38, 263 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Seahawks

5. Tennessee Titans (11-5) Prev: 8

A Chiefs loss means that Tennessee is now the top seed in the AFC. The Titans are still nowhere near fully healthy, but Derrick Henry could be back this week. If he returns this week and gets a bye week, Tennessee could have a shot at going to the Super Bowl.

Team MVP: D’Onta Foreman (132 yds, TD)

Next: at Texans

4. Dallas Cowboys (11-5) Prev: 2

Dallas took a loss to the Cardinals, which hurts their playoff seeding. They are now the 4th seed, with no shot at the top seed. We’ll see where Dallas ends up when the seeding is done.

Team MVP: Dorance Armstrong (5 tackles, sack)

Next: at Eagles

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) Prev: 5

Sure, Tom Brady led a dramatic comeback to win the game, but that’s not what anyone is talking about. Antonio Brown’s antics have reached the point where the Bucs have been forced to cut bait with him. Now Brady will only have Mike Evans and Gronk as his starting receivers from the start of the year, in addition to the team being banged up in general. Things look bleak for Tampa Bay now.

Team MVP: Tom Brady (34/50, 410 yds, 3 TD, INT)

Next: vs Panthers

2. Los Angeles Rams (12-4) Prev: 3

The Rams got a come-from-behind win over the Ravens, keeping their division lead alive. Los Angeles is all-in and now is in the second seed in the NFC. They may end up playing the 49ers back-to-back weeks if they clinch the final playoff spot.

Team MVP: Von Miller (5 tackles, 2 sacks)

Next: vs 49ers

1. Green Bay Packers (13-3) Prev: 1

Green Bay is officially the top seed in the NFC. While there has been a lot of inconsistency throughout the rest of the league, Green Bay has been steady. The Packers will now get a bye week to see how the NFC Wild Card round plays out and can rest their starters next week.

Team MVP: Davante Adams (11 rec, 136 yds, TD)

Next: at Lions