Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Jets Lose By Winning

Was winning the worst thing the Jets could have done? Photo by Kyusung Gong/AP Photo

Week 15 of the NFL season featured lots of drama. The last remaining winless team scored their first win of the season, and the playoff field became even thinner. Here are the power rankings for Week 15 of the NFL season.

32. New York Jets (1-13) (Eliminated) Prev: 32

It’s always good to get a win, but that may not be the case for the Jets. With the victory, the Jaguars now will have possession of the first overall pick in the draft. It’s a feel-good win for the players because 0-16 sticks with you forever, but a potentially devastating win for the Jets franchise.

Team MVP: Bryce Hall (3 tackles, INT)

Next: vs Browns

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-13) (Eliminated) Prev: 31

Jacksonville dropped their thirteenth straight game on Sunday, but you won’t find anybody in the front office complaining. They now have the first pick in the draft due to their strength of schedule and will likely select Trevor Lawrence in the draft.

Team MVP: Gardner Minshew II (22/29, 226 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Bears

30. Cincinnati Bengals (3-10-1) (Eliminated) Prev: 30

The Bengals scored one of the two biggest upsets of the season, both of which happened this week when they knocked off the Steelers on Monday Night. Normally a win this late in the season would be harmful to their draft position, but they remain on track for the third pick in the draft. All they did here was mess with their division rival.

Team MVP: Mackensie Alexander (6 tackles, INT)

Next: at Texans

29. Atlanta Falcons (4-10) (Eliminated) Prev: 29

There is a curse on the Falcons franchise. Atlanta can never seem to hold on to a lead, and it continued this week. The Falcons blew another big second-half lead to Tom Brady as the Bucs came back on them. Atlanta just wants to get the season over with.

Team MVP: Calvin Ridley (10 rec, 163 yds, TD)

Next: at Chiefs

28. Houston Texans (4-10) (Eliminated) Prev: 27

Deshaun Watson is the definition of “Wins are not a QB stat.” Watson had led his team to a late-game comeback drive, but KeKe Coutee fumbled before the endzone, and the Colts recovered to hand Houston another heartbreaking loss. That series of events about sums up Houston’s season.

Team MVP: Deshaun Watson (33/41, 373 yds, 25 rush yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Bengals

27. Los Angeles Chargers (5-9) (Eliminated) Prev: 28

The Chargers messed with a division rival of their own as they handed the Raiders a devastating loss in Thursday Night Football’s season finale. The Chargers’ talent is still good enough to win them games, despite the head coach.

Team MVP: Justin Herbert (22/32, 314 yds, 14 rush yds, 3 TDs)

Next: vs Broncos

26. Detroit Lions (5-9) (Eliminated) Prev: 25

Detroit put up a miserable defensive performance this week, as they gave up 46 points, including five Ryan Tannehill touchdowns. Now eliminated from the postseason, Detroit is two weeks away from their most important offseason in a long time, where they will have to make multiple important decisions.

Team MVP: Marvin Jones Jr. (10 rec, 112 yds, TD)

Next: vs Buccaneers

25. Carolina Panthers (4-10) (Eliminated) Prev: 23

Carolina has officially been eliminated from postseason contention. Carolina’s record will tell you they’re a bad team, but they were in a large majority of the games they played this season. The biggest area they need to improve on is their late-game situations, as they could not complete the comeback in most of their games.

Team MVP: DJ Moore (6 rec, 131 yds)

Next: at Washington

24. Philadelphia Eagles (4-9-1) Prev: 24

While the Eagles are slowly but surely falling out of the race for the NFC East, not everything is lost. Jalen Hurts is providing an answer at quarterback after Carson Wentz’s struggles throughout the season. With rumors that Wentz has no interest in being a backup, it will be an interesting offseason for Philly.

Team MVP: Jalen Hurts (24/44, 338 yds, 63 rush yds, 4 TDs)

Next: at Cowboys

23. Denver Broncos (5-9) (Eliminated) Prev: 22

Denver has officially been eliminated from playoff contention. They were hit hard early, losing Courtland Sutton and Von Miller for the entire year due to injury. Drew Lock’s inconsistency did not help them either.

Team MVP: Melvin Gordon III (61 rush yds, 4 rec, 20 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at Chargers

22. San Francisco 49ers (5-9) (Eliminated) Prev: 21

The Niners were eliminated from playoff contention this week. It is impressive that they were in it for this long, considering their luck with injuries this year, which continued this week, with Raheem Mostert. San Fran could be back as early as next year if they stay healthy.

Team MVP: Arik Armstead (8 tackles, 2 sacks)

Next: at Cardinals

21. Dallas Cowboys (5-9) Prev: 26

Don’t look now, but Dallas has snuck into second in the NFC East and are only a game behind Washington. Andy Dalton has gotten more familiar with the playbook, and the team is cleaning up their act. They may be a threat to steal the division after all.

Team MVP: Tony Pollard (69 rush yds, 6 rec, 63 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: vs Eagles

20. New England Patriots (6-8) (Eliminated) Prev: 19

For the first time since 2008, New England will not be in the playoffs. Their offensive struggles were too much to overcome, as they fell in Miami. Their defense was also hurt by the opt-outs, as they were missing names like Donta Hightower and Patrick Chung. With lots of cap space and a pick not in the twenties for the first time in a long time, it will be an intriguing offseason for the Patriots.

Team MVP: Jakobi Meyers (7 rec, 111 yds)

Next: vs Bills

19. New York Giants (5-9) Prev: 18

New York looked good for a while, but they are now starting to lose their ground in the division. They are still only one game back in the division, but the Cowboys have the tiebreaker over them. The G-Men may need a little help to win the division.

Team MVP: Darius Slayton (4 rec, 74 yds)

Next: at Ravens

18. Minnesota Vikings (6-8) Prev: 16

Minnesota dropped a big game against the Bears, and now fall to eight in the NFC, and will not have the tiebreaker over Chicago. The Vikes now find themselves on the brink of elimination and needing a lot of help to get them to the postseason.

Team MVP: Dalvin Cook (132 rush yds, 5 rec, 27 yds, TD)

Next: at Saints

17. Washington Football Team (6-8) Prev: 17

Washington remains in control of the NFC East, despite taking a loss to Seattle. Washington remained competitive with a good Seahawks team and is playing like the best team in the division.

Team MVP: Logan Thomas (13 rec, 101 yds)

Next: vs Panthers

16. Chicago Bears (7-7) Prev: 20

The Bears got a big win for their playoff hopes against Minnesota. They now sit at 7-7 and are in eight in the NFC. Mitch Trubisky has been playing at a higher level than Nick Foles was earlier this year. They will need Arizona to slip up for them to take a playoff spot.

Team MVP: David Montgomery (146 rush yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at Jaguars

15. Las Vegas Raiders (7-7) Prev: 15

Vegas’ playoff chances took a devastating hit on Thursday night when they lost in overtime to the Chargers. The Raiders now sit behind the Ravens in eight in the AFC and could be eliminated outright with a loss next week.

Team MVP: Darren Waller (9 rec, 150 yds, TD)

Next: vs Dolphins

14. Baltimore Ravens (9-5) Prev: 14

Baltimore looks like they have their swagger back. Granted, they were playing Jacksonville but wins like these can vitalize a team. Lamar Jackson looks to have shaken off the effects of the virus, as he is running and passing well. The Ravens still need a little bit of help to make the postseason.

Team MVP: Lamar Jackson (17/22, 243 yds, 35 rush yds, 4 TDs, INT)

Next: vs Giants

13. Arizona Cardinals (8-6) Prev: 13

Arizona won a duel with Philly to maintain their current playoff position. Kyler Murray threw for a career-high in passing yards, and Arizona needed every yard of it. Arizona needs to keep winning to hold on to their seventh seed.

Team MVP: Kyler Murray (27/36, 406 yds, 29 rush yds, 4 TDs, INT)

Next: vs 49ers

12. Miami Dolphins (9-5) Prev: 12

The Dolphins took out their division rival, the Patriots on Sunday. The Dolphins had their first 100-yard rusher in a long time in this game. Miami has Baltimore on their tail, so they are fighting for their playoff lives every week.

Team MVP: Salvon Ahmed (122 rush yds, TD)

Next: at Raiders

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5) Prev: 11

Tom Brady pulled off a Super Bowl 51-lite on Sunday, with a second-half comeback against the Falcons. The Bucs currently have the sixth seed in the NFC and a stacked roster that can do damage in the postseason.

Team MVP: Tom Brady (31/45, 390 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at Lions

10. Indianapolis Colts (10-4) Prev: 10

The Colts stole one from the Texans this week, as they forced a fumble on a play that could have gone for a touchdown or set up a first and goal. Indy currently has the sixth seed in the AFC and a defense that allows them to match up with anyone.

Team MVP: DeForest Buckner (4 tackles, 3 sacks)

Next: at Steelers

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3) Prev: 6

The Steelers have become more known for JuJu Smith-Schuster’s pregame antics than their winning football as of late. This was a loss that there isn’t an excuse for, as the Bengals had only two wins coming into this game. The Steelers look like an easy out in the playoffs right now, after looking like a powerhouse early on.

Team MVP: Benny Snell Jr. (84 rush yds, 3 rec, 23 yds, TD)

Next: vs Colts

8. Tennessee Titans (10-4) Prev: 8

While Derrick Henry continued to feast, Ryan Tannehill was the star of this win. Tannehill found the endzone five times between his passing scores and rushing scores and led his team to a big win. Tennessee has a tough primetime matchup next week.

Team MVP: Ryan Tannehill (21/27, 273 yds, 21 rush yds, 5 TDs)

Next: at Packers

7. Cleveland Browns (10-4) Prev: 9

Cleveland continues to roll, as they collected another win. The Browns have been firing on all cylinders, as they have a good passing attack, rushing attack, and defense. If Indy beats Pittsburgh, there could be a Week 17 game for the AFC North crown.

Team MVP: Baker Mayfield (27/32, 297 yds, 2 TDs)

Next: at Jets

6. Los Angeles Rams (9-5) Prev: 5

Well, somebody had to lose to the Jets. You just wouldn’t expect it to be a playoff team, fighting for the division, like the Rams. This loss could destroy the Rams, or they could land right back on their feet next week.

Team MVP: Robert Woods (6 rec, 56 yds, 40 rush yds, TD)

Next: at Seahawks

5. Seattle Seahawks (10-4) Prev: 7

Seattle escaped with a win over Washington on Sunday. Russell Wilson’s MVP case has officially died, but Seattle likely cares more about the division than Russ’s awards.

Team MVP: D.J. Reed Jr. (6 tackles, INT)

Next: vs Rams

4. New Orleans Saints (10-4) Prev: 4

The Saints took a close loss to the Chiefs on Sunday. Drew Brees returned, but he struggled early, and it wound up costing New Orleans in the end. The Saints were in the game the whole time with the best team in the NFL, so as long as they clean things up next week, they should be fine.

Team MVP: Alvin Kamara (54 rush yds, 3 rec, 40 yds, TD)

Next: vs Vikings

3. Buffalo Bills (11-3) Prev: 3

Buffalo took the win against Denver and did it handily. Buffalo now has control of the second seed in the AFC, which unfortunately no longer comes with a first-round bye. The Bills will now look to keep their current position, as a regular-season loss to Kansas City means they cannot claim the first seed.

Team MVP: Josh Allen (28/40, 359 yds, 33 rush yds, 4 TDs)

Next: at Patriots

2. Green Bay Packers (11-3) Prev: 2

The NFC’s top seed scraped by with a win over Carolina. Green Bay was not happy with their performance, but it will not be easy for them to bounce back this week, as they get the Titans on Sunday night.

Team MVP: Aaron Jones (145 rush yds, 3 rec, 13 yds, TD)

Next: vs Titans

1. Kansas City Chiefs (13-1) Prev: 1

Kansas City outlasted New Orleans on Sunday. The defending champs have looked unstoppable this entire season, and Patrick Mahomes continues to build a strong case for his second MVP. The Chiefs look on a different level from every other team in the league right now.

Team MVP: Patrick Mahomes (26/47, 254 yds, 37 rush yds, 3 TDs)

Next: vs Falcons