Spring Training is upon us ladies and gentlemen, which means baseball season is back. I am here to make some early predictions on who I think the award winners will be for the 2019 MLB season.

Comeback Player of the Year

American League: Kevin Kiermaier (Rays)

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Last year, Kiermaier only played about half the season while batting a poor average of .217 with only two home runs. I believe he will bounce back big in 2019 and win the Comeback Player of the Year Award.

National League: Corey Seager (Dodgers)

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Seager had a season-ending injury last season right in the beginning, then Machado ended up replacing him. Now with Machado gone, I believe Seager will have an amazing season with the Dodgers this season, and he may even be an MVP finalist in the NL.

Hank Aaron Award

American League: Mike Trout (Angels)

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Mike Trout is going to have an incredible season this year, so I think he will win the award for best hitter in the AL.

National League: Bryce Harper (Phillies)

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He didn’t have the best season last year, so I believe he will make a big improvement and impact with the Phillies and be the best hitter in the NL.

Platinum Glove Award

American League: Jackie Bradley Jr. (Red Sox)

Jackie Bradley won his first gold glove last year and his fielding skills are only getting better. With his amazing arm and lack of errors or miss-throws in the outfield, I think he can win the Platinum Glove Award.

National League: Dansby Swanson (Braves)

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This is a tough award to pick for someone because there are so many great fielders in this league, but this year I am going with Dansby Swanson because he is just so smooth at shortstop and rarely makes mistakes.

Reliever of the Year

American League: Blake Treinen (Athletics)

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Blake Treinen had a great year for the Athletics last season, I honestly do not know how he didn’t win this award last year. He put up a .78 ERA in 68 appearances, but was beat out by Edwin Diaz who had 57 saves.

National League: Jordan Hicks (Cardinals)

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What I see when this guy pitches is just ridiculous. He has a fastball that goes 100 plus, and his breaking pitches move a lot. If he can get his control up a little bit he will be the reliever of the year for the NL.

Rookie of the Year

American League: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Blue Jays)

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This young man is just an animal. He batted .381 with 20 home runs in the MiLB and the way the ball comes off the bat when he hits it is incredible. He is for sure MLB ready for the 2019 season.

National League: Fernando Tatis Jr. (Padres)

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I know this is an unexpected pick for the ROTY given that Tatis Jr. is a shortstop and Manny Machado just signed. But Machado recently stated that he is willing to move to third to have a spot open up for Tatis Jr. and he is a special talent.

Manager of the Year

American League: Alex Cora (Red Sox)

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I can’t see Alex Cora being snubbed off another Manager of the Year award, and I believe he can take the Red Sox to an AL best record once again.

National League: Gabe Kapler (Phillies)

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Kapler got the Phillies to a record of 80-82 last year which was already a great improvement for them. Now, with the additions of Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, Jean Segura, and Andrew McCutchen, I think the Phillies will have a 90+ win season and win the NL East.

Cy Young Award

American League: Chris Sale (Red Sox)

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It’s crazy to me that Chris Sale has not won a Cy Young yet, and frankly I cannot see him ending his career without one. He is one of the best and most consistent pitchers in the league and I believe he will finally get his Cy Young Award.

National League: Aaron Nola (Phillies)

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Aaron Nola is one of the best young up an coming pitchers in the MLB right now, and I think he will come off his great season from last year and put up big numbers to win his first Cy Young.

Most Valuable Player

American League: Mike Trout (Angels)

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You know, it’s been a while since Mike Trout has won an MVP, two years is too long for the best player in the MLB. That’s why I believe Mike Trout will have the best season in the AL.

National League: Nolan Arenado (Rockies)

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It’s about time that Nolan Arenado wins himself an MVP. The man is a beast. He has won six gold gloves and 4 silver sluggers at third base, and he’s only 27.