November 25, 2019- Mike Babcock got fired last Wednesday and the entire NHL world went into a frenzy on social media. Some fans, mostly Toronto agreed with the decision while some disagreed. However, it seemed like it was inevitable as Toronto was a horrendous 9-10-4 despite having expectations to the roof this year. With talent like that in your locker room, obviously everyone expects you to jump out of the gates, especially after losing back to back game 7’s to the same team.

What this means and Predictions:

Toronto now has Sheldon Keefe as their heads coach and he got his first win in his first game against the Arizona Coyotes. The Leafs have rallied around as seen in a recent locker room interaction below.

This speech given by the captain shows how he will rally this team around their new coach and start to win more hockey games. Once Keefe gains some more experience being the main man behind the bench, expect these Leafs to keep rolling and possibly contend with the Bruins for the Atlantic Division and maybe even get them over that first round hump.

Bold Predictions:

Toronto narrowly loses Atlantic but keeps up with Boston.

Keefe wins coach of the year.