The Yankees have been preparing to make history and hire Rachel Balkovec, who will become one of the first fame full-time hitting coaches hired by a big-league organization.

The 32-year-old Balkovec signed her contract on November 8th, according to the Times, and is to report Tampa for Yankees’ Spring Training, on February 1st. Balkovec is expected to be a roving instructor throughout the organization stationed in Tampa.

Yankees hitting coordinator, Dillon Lawson told the newspaper “It’s an easy answer to why we chose Rachel for this role. She’s a good hitting coach and a good coach, period.”

 Balkovec earned recognition as a part-time strength and conditioning coach in the Cardinals’ organization in 2012, prompting her appointment as the Minor League Strength and conditioning coordinator for the Cardinals from 2014-15. In addition, Balkovec previously played catcher on softball teams at Creighton University and New Mexico. Balkovec served as the Astros’ Latin American strength and conditioning coach in 2016. Since August, Balkovec has been researching eye-tracking for hitters and hip movement for pitchers at Driveline Baseball, a data-driven performance training center in Washington State.

Balkovec is extremely excited to join the New York Yankees organization. She said, “During the interview process, I was blown away by the Yankees hitting staff. They are making aggressive operational changes to compete in the rapidly changing landscape of player development.”