After two of the most shocking series I have seen in recent years, the Cardinals and the Nationals will meet in the NLCS starting tomorrow night. The Nationals pounded Kershaw, continuing his postseason streak and the Cardinals shockingly eliminated the Braves. I personally had the Dodgers and the Astros in the World Series with it going the distance but man was that off. The Nationals showed that they could rally around unlikely heroes and all they had to do was leave Bryce Harper behind. The Cardinals jumped on the Braves in game 5, putting up 10 runs in the first inning.


The Cardinals offense looked unstoppable throughout the entire divisional round and I believe they stand a better chance due to that fact alone. I also believe that the Cardinals in a 7 game series will hold off with their pitching better than the Nationals because the Nats were struggling in a 5 game series.

Game 1: I think the Nationals take game 1 just over the hype of them and the momentum rolling into a championship series and the Cardinals not being prepared. Final Score: 6-2 Nationals.

Game 2: The Cardinals wake up and find their stride and never look back. They strike early and often and walk away with a 9-3 victory.

Game 3: The deciding game in this series goes to the Cardinals in a well pitched affair after the Nationals staff bows their neck and puts up a big performance but just can’t get clutch hits and fall 3-2.

Game 4: The Cardinals seeing momentum grasp onto it and ride it into a stellar pitching performance all around and win 5-1.

Game 5: The decisive game leaves no doubt as an all around performance sees the Cardinals destroy the Nats 10-1 and advance to their first World Series since 2013.

Series: Cardinals 4 Nationals 1