The Patriots 20 year dynasty could very much be coming to an end after 6 super bowl championships. They were just humiliated at home by the Titans and were eliminated in wild card weekend. Now, Tom Brady has a choice to make and he doesn’t seem too keen on staying in New England unless it’s for big money. Brady has always taken a pay cut to surround himself with weapons but it doesn’t seem like this year will be the same. Reports have swirled that Brady has sold his home in Mass and is looking for an excess of 30 million from the Patriots. The Patriots never offer that kind of money but they may want to pay up to keep their franchise guy. If they don’t however, let’s look at 5 teams that could land Tom in the offseason.

  1. Las Vegas Raiders– Ever since UFC 246 in Vegas, there have been numerous reports that Brady has been contemplating signing with the Raiders. It seems like the Carr era is over and they are ready to move on but why move on to a 43 year old quarterback when you can establish a young quarterback for a couple years behind Derek Carr? Maybe it’s just Brady’s superstar capability even at age 43 and owner Mark Davis surely will go all out in signing him.
  2. Los Angeles Chargers-After parting ways with veteran Philip Rivers, the Chargers are in the market for a quarterback and why not pickup the G.O.A.T.? Brady showed this year that with a nice weaponry he can still do damage and the Chargers have Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon to surround Brady and he could be that X factor that convinces Gordon to stay.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals-The Dalton era was surely a miss here as the Bengals won 0 playoff games with a roster as talented as they had. They had Bernard, Dalton and Green and still couldn’t compete with the top teams in the AFC North consistently. With AJ Green poised to leave, could a Brady signing lure Green to take a pay-cut to stay with his team and possibly give it one more crack with another speedster like John Ross. Brady has not lost arm strength and Ross can get by people so this could be the perfect fit.
  4. New England Patriots-Brady’s current team is fourth on this list for one reason and that is Bill Belichick. Bill has always treated his players the same and would never overpay to keep a guy special to his heart. He cut Lawyer Milloy for salary reasons and traded Richard Seymour to the Raiders for nothing as a salary dump so if Brady is really asking 30 million, Bill could let him walk but he also sees how special Brady is and could sign him to the 30 million and as pieces of weaponry start to become available, he could ask Brady to restructure.
  5. Minnesota Vikings-Despite signing Kirk Cousins to a lucrative 80 million dollar deal, the Vikings haven’t been where they should be. They were exposed by the 49ers defense after narrowly escaping the Saints on the road. Brady could be the man to lead Thielen, Cook, and Diggs to the promise land. Also, if you remember correctly, a lot of Brady’s family resides in Minnesota as he stated during the week of Super Bowl LII which was held there.

We all know Brady is going to get about 23-30 million dollars a year but what we don’t know is from who and how long he is willing to continue to lay his body out for.