In honor of the new Marvel’s The Avengers movie trailer being released I felt it would be a fun exercise to assemble my own Avengers group out of the NHL’s finest

Iron Man: Alex Oveckin, Left Wing, Washington Captials

The obvious captain of the group and NHL goes to Alexander Ovechkin. Feel free to consider this a homer call because it 100% is. I’m positive that if a Pittsburgh Penguins fan were to have written this, then they would have chosen Sydney Crosby. While Crosby was my #2 choice for this selection, I don’t believe he has the Iron Man charisma. Ovi symbolizes iron man because of his unapologetic style. He never felt the need to hold back during his Stanley Cup victory speech. And I don’t expect him to because that’s not in his nature. The most well-rounded player of his generation is the clear-cut Iron Man of today’s NHL.

Thor: Erik Karlsson, Defenseman, San Jose Sharks

The hair, the Nordic heritage, the wielding of instruments capable of destruction. This is really a no-brainer when you think of the impact that Karlsson had on Ottowa. The myth of a man was able to turn the tides of any game. Similar to the ability of Thor to come down from the heavens and change the nature of any battle. 538 points as a defenseman by the age of 28 propels him to the definitive Thor ranking.

Captain America: Jonathan Quick, Goalie, Los Angeles Kings

I don’t want to hear a work about Patrick Kane or TJ Oshie not being selected. I don’t want to hear it. Captain America has a SHIELD as his primary piece of equipment. What are goalies? SHIELDS. Quick was born in the US, is a two time Stanley Cup Champion, and is 32 years old. Captain America was born in the US, is a two-time Avengers champion (Loki & Ultron), and is 98 years old. The facts line up. I am willing to stand side by side with Johnathan Quick as he continues to protect his fellow Kings.×433/57760a8d676f51d83c353b640a6ea2a7/zdeno-chara.jpg

The Incredible Hulk: Zdeno Chara, Defenseman, Boston Bruins

The biggest player ever in the NHL. It’s that simple. There are plenty of great enforcers in the league; Tom Wilson, Ryan Reaves, Milan Lucic are just a few of the premier brawlers. But The Incredible Hulk would not be so incredible if he were only 6’3. There is only one true Hulk just like there is only one Zdeno Chara. This pains me due to my avid hatred of the Bruins. But there is no better choice than Chara to be the massive brute of this group.

Hawkeye: Auston Matthews, Center, Toronto Maple Leafs

Hawkeye is the purest sharpshooter we have seen in any of the Marvel films to date. Matthews is currently the purest sharpshooter in the NHL. Even though Matthews does not average the most goals per season in the NHL when he shoots it is comparable to a Hawkeye arrow. The focus level of Matthews and Hawkeye make them an excellent pairing. Also for the finishing touches both are excellent team players. Matthews could be playing wing, but he knows that he can offer much more from the center position. Hawkeye is also consistently dishing out top notch support on the battlefield.

Black Widow: Connor McDavid, Center, Edmonton Oilers

Black Widow is known as the Swiss army knife of the Avengers. With no discernable superpowers or mutations, she simply gets her job done at the highest level possible. A key cog in the machine that helps everything run smoothly. Connor McDavid shows a lot of similar attributes to Black Widow. At 21 years old he has already notched 300 points in his career. One of the most disciplined and talented players in the game cannot be left off this list. Especially when he can so easily be paired with the most disciplined member of The Avengers in Black Widow.