The AFC and NFC’s best will meet this weekend in Miami for Super Bowl LIV, and we’re giving you insight from our club’s contributors. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers have earned their spot in this year’s matchup. Check out what ASN’s writers have to say about the big game.

Nick Simeone

Kansas City Chiefs 38, San Francisco 49ers 24

In less than 48 hours, we will have new kings of the football world. We will have a Head Coach and a QB win their first career Super Bowl ring. That duo will be Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. Although the Chiefs are just 1.5 point favorites, the 49ers will struggle to keep up with the Kansas City offense. Yes, I know that Kyle Shannahan’s team has combined for 64 points over the past two weeks. But just as I said was true for the Titans, San Francisco is going to need better QB play to win this game. They cannot rely on their defense shutting down the opposition and then controlling the game on the ground. The fact of the matter is that Patrick Mahomes is currently the best quarterback in the league and he will score points in a hurry.

Collin Carofano

San Francisco 49ers 37, Kansas City Chiefs 34

This is the best possible match up there could be for Super Bowl LIV. This game will be back and forth and exciting all the way up to the last few minutes. The key for the 49ers will be the pass rush. They need to get pressure on Patrick Mahomes to slow their offense down, and they have excelled at pass-rushing all year. As for the offense, expect Jimmy Garopollo to throw the ball more than in the previous two rounds, especially after they just saw the Chiefs have a game plan to stop Derrick Henry last week which worked pretty well. Raheem Mostert won’t be able to carry them as much as he has been because the Chiefs will most likely game plan for Kyle Shanahan’s rushing attack. Andy Reid may just have to wait another year for his long-awaited Super Bowl ring.

Cameron Ellinwood

San Francisco 49ers 31, Kansas City Chiefs 28

This game could go either way. The 49ers defense is the best in the league and the Chiefs offense is probably one of the most explosive in NFL history. But the old saying is true, “defense wins championships.” Jimmy Garopollo will be crucial in this game as the Chiefs held Derrick Henry to under 100 rushing yards in the AFC Championship game. Garopollo will most likely not throw for more yards than Patrick Mahomes, but the 49ers defense will make more stops than the Chiefs defense. The 49ers defensive line is special with rookie Nick Bosa leading that group. Time in the backfield is important for the Chiefs because Tyreek Hill can only be covered for so long until he gets open. The 49ers will be able to limit the time Patrick Mahomes has to throw and that will crucial for the Niners if they want to raise the Lombardi Trophy.

Joe DeLeone

Kansas City Chiefs 32, San Francisco 49ers 28

Finally, we don’t have to suffer through watching a game that we know the New England Patriots were likely going to win. We’re graced with an amazing matchup, but an incredibly difficult one to pick. The Chiefs boast the most explosive offense in the league, yet the 49ers have the most disruptive defense. With so much up in the air, you have to lean in favor of the best quarterback in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes might not have the best protection in front of him, but no one else can evade pressure and throw like he can.

Justin Albaum

Kansas City Chiefs 38, San Francisco 49ers 24

Chiefs offense has been electric this year with Patrick Mahomes playing like the best QB in football. Jimmy Garapollo is a great QB but I don’t think he has enough firepower to outplay the Cheifs offense. Andy Reid’s offense mind should be able to overhaul the 49ers defense and win this game.

Ben Dainis

Kansas City Chiefs 35, San Francisco 49ers 28

A clash of two completely different offensive styles. Normally the team that is better running the ball and better defensively would have the advantage, but not in this situation. The Chiefs offense can erase any deficit in a matter of seconds, and I’m not sure the 49ers will be able to keep up. The 49ers can slow down Mahomes if the pass rush gets to Mahomes and gets to him a lot. I don’t think they will, however, and the Chiefs will take the win, giving Andy Reid that elusive first championship as a head coach.