Foxboro Massachusetts:

After 36 long years, Dante Scarnecchia; the Patriots offensive line coach has called it quits. This year was by far his hardest year as he lost David Andrews and Isaiah Wynn. Despite that, he found a way to keep Brady upright most of the season and prevent any major injuries. Scarnecchia retired briefly in 2014 and 2015 but after an abysmal performance against Denver in the AFC Championship, Belichick lured him out of retirement. Brady was hit 20 times and yet the Patriots only lost by 2.

After he was lured out of retirement, the Patriots offensive line rose to the occasion as they finished number 10 this year according to and were number 7 in rushing totals despite not having their pro bowl center and losing Isaiah Wynn most of the year. This meant Scar had to do some juggling around and quickly get his guys together and he did just that. Since he has been back in 2016, the Patriots have won 2 rings with the latest one being his best work as he took Trent Brown who was a nobody and transformed him into the 66 million dollar tackle he is today all while owning Aaron Donald at the line with a Thuney and Andrews.

The Patriots moving forward will have to fill in the huge gap and this could also affect Brady’s free agent decision as he is unsure of how well his O-Line can hold up without Hall of Fame Caliber coaching. Tom Brady showed signs of being frustrated those two years without Scarnecchia so it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

Patriot Players reflect on Dante Scarnecchia:

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