Despite there being no crowds allowed, the WWE has innovated as they always do and brought the “Thunderdome.” This virtual experience is a cool way to get the fans into the arena via a screen. Now, this has added into some of the build up towards this personal card. Now, let’s preview each of the matches as I give my predictions.

Clash of Champions will air live on WWE Network at 7pm with a kickoff show at 6pm. As promised, all championships must be defended.

WWE Title Match

Drew McIntyre (C) vs Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre has been an unstoppable force since defeating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 36. Now, he has his tallest task ahead as he faces the 14 time world champion Randy Orton for the WWE title in an ambulance match. With Keith Lee in the upper/main event card now I can see Lee somehow playing into this finish. My prediction is that he comes out and lays out both men but costs Drew the title. Since Lee pinned Orton at Payback, Lee could have a legit shot at #1 contender the next night on RAW.

Winner- Randy Orton

Universal Title Match

Roman Reigns (C) vs Jey Uso

Ever since Summerslam, the “Big Dog” Roman Reigns has been running rampant through the roster. He’s taken out the likes of Strowman, the Fiend, and King Corbin and Sheamus. Unexpectedly, his cousin won the #1 contender spot and will challenge for the title. Reigns vs Uso is a very intriguing matchup with very different styles. However, with Reigns and Heyman, this should be another Reigns squash match which should set up another family vs family match at “Wrestlemania” against the Rock. This match has the build up already as the two have tweeted about facing off against one another. Check out below

From Roman Reigns Twitter account

Winner-Roman Reigns

Intercontinental Title Match

Jeff Hardy (C) vs Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles

This is the match that could potentially steal the show. Sami Zayn won the IC title from Strowman right as the pandemic hit. Then, all of a sudden he took a hiatus to protect himself. The WWE went ahead and crowned AJ Styles the new champion in a tournament. A few weeks later and Jeff Hardy pins Styles to win the title. Then, out of nowhere Zayn returns and attacks Hardy setting up a triple threat ladder match. The WWE really can’t go wrong on this one but the right move is putting the belt on Zayn and keeping him fresh.

Winner-Sami Zayn

Smackdown Women’s Title Match

Bayley (C) vs Nikki Cross

WWE finally pulled the trigger on the Bayley vs Banks feud with Bayley viciously attacking Banks multiple times. Cross, however has been making her name as a singles competitor as she has come up just short multiple times against Bayley. Bayley had Banks to bail her out but not anymore. I still see Bayley barely surviving and Banks rushing to ringside to get revenge for the attack.

WWE Youtube Video of Bayley’s Brutal Beatdown of Banks

Winner- Bayley

Raw Tag Titles Match

Street Profits (C) vs Garza and Andrade

This match was put together last minute and it will probably see the end of Garza and Andrade. They have been teasing a breakup for weeks and this is the right time to pull the trigger and give these two guys fresh starts. The Street Profits haven’t been used properly but hopefully WWE gives them a lengthy title reign so fans can once again be allowed in and watch these high flying moves.

Winners- Street Profits

Smackdown Tag Titles Match

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura (C) vs Lucha House Party

Ever since becoming a team, Cesaro and Nakamura have looked pretty good together. The WWE finally is utilizing both men’s talents in the ring and as heels. Lucha House Party now has Kalisto back but probably not for long as after the bell rings, Kalisto could very well break off and start another singles run in attacking his former partners.

Winners- Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

RAW Women’s Title Match

Asuka (C) vs Zelina Vega

Asuka has had a shaky title reign as the WWE just don’t have the star power with Charlotte out and Becky Lynch out as well. The best match that could be made is with Shayna yet she’s in the tag division holding the titles. This match showcases newly branched out Zelina Vega and Asuka for the title. WWE should let Vega show herself and prove she can hang but in the end she won’t be ready for Asuka.

Winner- Asuka

Women’s Tag Title Match

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax (C) vs The Riott Squad

The Riott Squad have looked amazing since being brought back and Ruby looks better than ever. Liv has added a few new moves as well. Clash of Champions could be the pay-per view where we see the road to Survivor Series really heat up and this could be where Shayna Baszler breaks away from Nia Jax after a surprising upset to the Riott Squad.

Winners- The Riott Squad

United States Title Match

Apollo Crews vs Bobby Lashley (C)

The Hurt Business has been an amazing faction and has looked strong since forming. Now, Lashley holds the US Title, making it look even more powerful than before. Crews is a man who always rises against the odds but the odds will not be in his favor as RETRIBUTION has been on a terror spree since arriving and have unfinished business with the Hurt Business. Crews will have to team up with Lashley to fend off another attack leading to a potential Survivor Series Clash between factions.

Winner- No Contest

Tomorrow night at 8 on Fox Sports is Friday Night Smackdown

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