After a very busy week 4 in the NFL that saw two previously undefeated teams go down, some unsuspecting teams made the jump while others fell.

  1. New England Patriots: Ok, you can’t be surprised that the hoodie and his army land back at number one. Despite Tom Brady not having a stellar day, the defense looked like the usual brick wall limiting the Bills to 10 points and forcing 4 turnovers, one of which was returned for a Matthew Slater touchdown.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs: Another team that survived a week 4 scare. Going into the game, Kansas City was favored heavily against a Lions team as Mahomes looked like the MVP caliber QB of last year. Despite not throwing for any touchdowns however, Mahomes led his Chiefs on a game winning drive that kept them unbeaten for the moment.
  3. Dallas Cowboys: Despite them losing, the Cowboys still land number 3 on this list due to the fact that they had numerous opportunities that they could just not overcome. I don’t know if it was the crowd noise or not but something about the Saints just gives Dallas trouble but Dak and Amari should bounce back in week 5.
  4. Green Bay Packers: Matt Lefleur definitely looked like Pete Carroll on the goal line as he elected to throw the ball rather than run it. Green Bay looked unstoppable as Rodgers threw for over 400 yards and Adams had 180 yards receiving. The defense looked unlike themselves but expect a big bounce back next week.
  5. Los Angeles Rams: Don’t panic Rams fans as your team is in very good hands with Sean Mcvay and Jared Goff. Despite giving up 55 points at home to a far less superior Bucs team, the Rams showed how resilient they really are as they battled back from a 40-27 deficit at one point so I wouldn’t be shocked if this team rallies around this loss and makes a run.
  6. New Orleans Saints: Teddy Bridgewater story continues as his Saints, despite getting a touchdown beat the Cowboys. If they had lost, the Saints would be lower on this list but it just shows how much this team rallied round their stars like Kamara and Michael Thomas. This team could very well win out their remaining games without Brees and put the entire NFL on notice.
  7. Baltimore Ravens: I said it at the beginning of the season and I’m saying it now, I don’t believe the hype in Lamar Jackson. The Browns were all over him throughout this game and the Ravens need to quickly find answers because his college style play will not get him far in the NFL.
  8. Buffalo Bills: Bills Mafia got exactly what they needed on Sunday in a huge game against the Patriots that was closer than anyone expected mainly because of the Bills defense being so darn elite. Everyone underrated them going into the season but this coaching staff will never put this team in a bad spot. As the season progresses expect Josh Allen to grow and develop and this defense to carry them through tougher games.
  9. Seattle Seahawks: In what I thought would be a rebuilding year, Russel Wilson continues to show his genius and the running game is nearly as good as when Beast Mode was in blue and green. This team can contend with the Rams in the NFC West and potentially make a run at another championship if Pete Carroll allows Wilson to do his thing.
  10. Chicago Bears: Despite losing Trubisky, the Bears still look like a powerhouse team and Khalil Mack will get a chance to shine against a very weak Raiders offensive line.
  11. Cleveland Browns: This is the Browns we all thought would show up. The Browns now hold a lead in a weak AFC North after manhandling the Ravens 40-25. Baker surely is feeling dangerous.
  12. San Franciso 49ers: The third unbeaten team. Kyle Shanahan has done a great job with Jimmy G up to this point yet they haven’t really played a tough schedule so it’s hard to put them higher with the elite.
  13. Detroit Lions: Giving Kansas City all they could handle and then some the Lions seem to be out for blood this year despite sitting at 2-1-1.
  14. Philadelphia Eagles: Philly Philly! The Eagles are back and moving up on the rankings as Carson Wentz finally seems to be gaining that swagger he had in year one back. With this Eagles at full strength, this is a Super Bowl contender for sure.
  15. Minnesota Vikings: Kirk Cousins was easily paid way to much as he hasn’t done much and the running game is the only thing keeping this team upright. Cousins needs to step up or else the Vikes will plummet down even further
  16. Los Angeles Chargers: Sound the alarms everyone because Melvin Gordon is back and ready to show the Chargers why he should be paid. The Chargers may once again be able to contend with the Chiefs in their division as predicted early in the year.
  17. New York Giants: yes, I am buying into Danny Dimes. I am only for one reason and that is because he is finding ways to win you games without Saquan Barkley. Despite facing two mediocre teams, Daniel Jones looks like a number 6 pick and when he gets Saquan Barkley back and a true #1 receiver, watch out NFC.
  18. Indianapolis Colts: With the shock retirement of Luck, Jacoby Brissett had to step in and he is doing the best of what he can. The Colts have very young receivers and they need to learn quick if they want any hope of an AFC South title.
  19. Houston Texans: Man, this team is such a disappointment. I was expecting at the beginning of the year for them to contend with NE and KC for the AFC but instead they find themselves struggling to find wins against mediocre teams and losing to teams they should beat.
  20. Oakland Raiders: Jon Gruden may be on his last leg here despite signing a 10 year deal. The Raiders found a way to win a huge 31-24 game on Sunday against the Colts so let’s see if it builds.
  21. Tennessee Titans: Another disapointing start for the Titans as Mariota has been pretty decent and despite a week one clobbering of the Browns, nothing much except for a mediocre win against the Falcons
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars: No, I’m not buying into this Gardner Minshew stuff as he is a lot like Blake Bortles in my eyes. Despite being 2-2 the Jaguars haven’t done anything much to show me they deserve to go up in the rankings.
  23. Carolina Panthers: Wow, what a disappointing start for Cam Newton. He promised to deliver this season and he isn’t. This time it’s showing in the wins and losses as well because his defense hasn’t been able to back him up.
  24. Atlanta Falcons: That super bowl 51 defeat clearly still lingers as since then, there has been little production in that team. On both sides of the ball. Dan Quinn also hasn’t been himself without Kyle Shanahan.
  25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: What a win for the Bucs on Sunday against the Rams yet I just don’t see this anything more than a fluke as the Bucs haven’t been consistent.
  26. Denver Broncos: The Joe Flacco trade looks so much worse now as he looks washed up and Von Miller and the defense is not there like they were for Super Bowl 50.
  27. Pittsburgh Steelers: Monday saw excellent play calling and execution by Mike Tomlin and company with the young Mason Rudolph but I just don’t see this consistently because of Mike Tomlin’s history of being greedy.
  28. Cincinatti Bengals: Aj Green is non existent and Andy Dalton cannot get any pass blocking to save his life.
  29. Arizona Cardinals:This type of offense already got figured out just as predicted as Kyler Murray looks nervous and rattled and Larry Fitzgerald just cannot do it al.
  30. Washington Redskins: Dwayne Haskins seems to be a bust as he was picked off three times in the Skins embarrassing loss the G Men. Jay Gruden may not see the middle of the season if this keeps up.
  31. New York Jets: Despite being on their third quarterback, the Jets think they can keep up with the rest of the NFL but Le’Veon Bell is trying his best and it is clearly not enough.
  32. Miami Dolphins: Until next year Fins fans, this will not be your year as Flores wants to build a team his way and don’t criticize him because he learned from the best. Just watch out for 3-4 years.