The New England Patriots lose 17-16 to the Miami Dolphins in a mistake-filled game.  Two fumbles and numerous penalties cost the Pats a chance to win the game.  With the costly mistakes, there was one big positive, Mac Jones.

Mac’s Strong Debut

After a worrying first pass attempt, the rookie QB from Alabama threw for 281 yards and a touchdown.  More importantly, he did not look like a rookie quarterback at all.  He consistently made smart throws with excellent accuracy.  One throw, in particular, was a rainbow that dropped right into James White’s hands on a wheel route. 

He stood in the face of pressure and consistently delivered accurate passes to receivers.  In his first career touchdown pass, Mac stood in the pocket as a Miami defender came barrelling down on him, and got it to Nelson Agholor.  His ability to stand in the pocket was impressive, an underrated ability of his coming out of Alabama.

Turnover Trouble

Mac’s positive play will not cover the fumbles that turned the game into Miami’s favor.  Rookie running back from Oklahoma, Rhamondre Stevenson, was the first to cough it up.  Miami punted on the ensuing drive, but Stevenson never saw the field for the rest of the game.  

The second fumble was what lost New England the game.  Damien Harris, who looked great throughout, had the ball ripped out of his hands as he was fighting for extra yards with 3:18 left in the fourth quarter.  The Dolphins ended up getting a first down with Jacoby Brissett, yes that Jacoby Brissett, with a QB sneak on 3rd and one.

Solid Defense

The defense had a well-rounded effort, holding Miami to only 185 passing yards and 74 rushing yards. The Dolphins came out of the gate quickly at the beginning of the game and out of the half, scoring on both of their opening drives.  

Matthew Judon delivered a huge hit on Tua Tagovailoa which forced a bad pass and Jonathan Jones came up with an important interception that set up New England with a chance to win.  

Unfortunately, the Patriots did not capitalize on that opportunity and the defense couldn’t make one last stop. The Pats’ performance on defense was something the defense can build on.

Jetting To Week Two

This loss will sting, but it is only week one and there is plenty of time to clean up mistakes.  The Patriots will look to avenge this defeat with a trip to the big apple to play the New York Jets.  The Jets lost to the Carolina Panthers today, so they will be looking to get on track as well.  This will be a good opportunity for New England to go 1-1 with the Jets allowing six sacks and a big game from Sam Darnold. 

But in the NFL, nothing is given.  On to New York.