The Patriots lose to the Dallas Cowboys 35-29 in overtime, extending the home losing streak to four games.  CeeDee Lamb caught a 35-yard TD pass in OT to win it for Dallas.  The Patriots had a difficult time stopping the Cowboys offense and that, tied in with mistakes, ultimately sunk them. 

Struggling To Make Stops

The Patriots defense was unable to stop the Cowboys especially late in the game.  The Cowboys had a 3rd and 25 with the game on the line, and the Patriots gave up a 24-yard reception by CeeDee Lamb, allowing Dallas to kick a 49-yard field goal to send the game to overtime.  

The Patriots have had a hard time making stops when they need to. It started in week one against Miami, and again in week four against the Buccaneers. 

Super conservative playcalling by the offense has hurt the defense big time. New England only ran 50 plays today compared to 82 by Dallas. There were plenty of questionable plays and short drives which tired out the defense.

However, the Pats defense came up with a big stop before the half in this one. The Cowboys had the ball inside the one on 1st and goal. The defense made four stops, including a huge play by Ja’Whaun Bentley. He knocked the ball out of Dak Prescott’s hands as he reached it over forcing a fumble, recovered by Kyle Van Noy.

Mac Can Throw It Downfield!

For most of the season, Mac has been limited to throwing the ball short, and even though it has been successful, everybody wants to see him sling it.  And sling it he did today.  Mac came up huge with a 75-yard TD pass to Kendrick Bourne one play after throwing a pick-six to Treyvon Diggs.

The throw was perfect and it put the Pats in a position to win.  With that perfect throw, the question becomes why did he not do that earlier? It is interesting that Josh McDaniels hasn’t let Mac take shots downfield when he has shown that he can.  It did seem like Mac was more willing to throw it deeper today, so he also could be starting to get settled into the NFL.  

With all the excitement, he did miss some throws, especially that pick-six that was mentioned earlier.  That all comes with the experience that is a rookie QB.

Running Game Comeback Game?

Damien Harris has been shaky in recent weeks, but he was significantly better today.  He came into this one questionable with a chest injury, and it was not 100% certain Harris would play until later on in the week.  Harris surpassed 100 yards for the first time since week one and scored a touchdown for the second week in a row.

Rookie Rhamondre Stevenson was in the doghouse due to a fumble in week one, but he showed up today in his first big game as an NFL back.  He scored his first touchdown and had 23 yards on five carries.  He had 11 carries last week so it seems like he is back in the game plan.  It seemed like he was running scared against the Texans so it was nice to see him run with some anger against Dallas.

Thankful For The Jets

Big positive for next week, the Pats get to beat up on the Jets in Foxborough.  It is not a week to overlook, but the Jets have looked sorry this season, per usual.  The Patriots didn’t let the Jets liftoff in week two winning 25-6.  

The Patriots move to 2-4 on the year so these next few games are pivotal for their playoff hopes.  There is little room for error now with the Bills looking like Super Bowl contenders.  Even with the extra game this season losing 6-7 games before midseason would effectively end any hope of the playoffs.  But for now, on to New York.