I’ll start off by stating the obvious; the result of this game wasn’t unexpected by any means. The Jets were down to their third-string QB whom they elevated from their practice squad just a week before. Even if they had Sam Darnold at QB instead of Luke Falk, not many had faith in the Jets coming in to Foxboro and keeping it close against a Patriot team that is ROLLING right now.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to talk about from this game. The final score of 30-14 doesn’t give the Patriots performance justice. This game was over in the first quarter and if it weren’t for two turnovers at the end of the game that turned into Jets touchdowns, the Patriots would’ve pitched yet another shutout.

Let’s get into it.


It was another solid outing for the Patriot offense, but it wasn’t perfect. Against a depleted Jets defense they were able to score three early touchdowns before the 13:00 mark of the second quarter but weren’t able to muster much offense after that. Granted, they knew the game was in hand and weren’t running their full offense, but it still could’ve been better.

But, I digress.

A lot of the Patriots offense came because of the deficiencies in the Jets defense. There were a lot of plays I saw where I said to myself, “what are the Jets even doing out there?” Frankly, I don’t know if they even knew what they were doing.

The Jets had no answer for the Patriots play action game despite the running game not being a factor for most of the game. On this snap, they fake a counter to Sony Michel who does a fantastic job picking up the free rusher (Jamal Adams). Ryan Izzo does a great job selling the run block for a few seconds then once he feels his man commit to the run, he releases and has only open grass on this 41 yard catch and run.

This play is another one of those head scratchers for me. The slot CB (Brian Poole) is matched up with Phillip Dorsett on the left side of the screen. It looks like a cover-3 defense meaning the inside linebackers are supposed to drop and hit their landmarks over the middle of the field. The play-action draws all of the LBs up and leaves PD-13 wide open over the middle for a walk in touchdown. Busted coverage and/or lack of communication on the Jets behalf is the main reason for this TD.

Tom Brady is excellent at everything that the QB position entails, but these little things he does go too unnoticed. He sees Edelman flash open over the middle of the field with a FS (Marcus Maye) bearing down on him to make a big hit. Knowing that the Jets like to hit hard, Brady places this ball low so Edelman can make a sliding grab and avoid getting cracked. Yet another reason why Brady is the GOAT.

Amidst all the AB drama from last week, what got lost in the translation is that undrafted rookie Jakobi Meyers can now get some more game action. He wasn’t on the field a ton in this game, but he made a difference when he was out there. This route he runs is way ahead of where most rookies are at this point. He sells the inside drag route hard then cuts it up and out, leaving the CB in the dust. Veteran level route for the rookie. The more this guy gets to play, the better. Meyers is going to be special.

The offense was solid, don’t get me wrong. However, once they hit their middle of the season schedule they are going to need to be more crisp and balanced. Luckily, the Jets don’t have the greatest secondary and New England was able to pass the ball all day on them, but averaging 2.1 yards per rush is very un-Patriots like and they are going to need to improve in that regard moving forward.


Once again, the defense was lights-out. Zero points allowed for the second straight week is absolutely mind-boggling in today’s NFL. The 2019 Patriots defense is the only defense in the Super Bowl era to allow no passing or rushing touchdowns through the first three weeks of the season. Given recent history where this defense usually takes a couple of weeks to get their feet under them, this is simply remarkable.

Let’s start with some Jamie Collins love. He was a forgotten name after his brutal tenure with the Cleveland Browns, but he is looking just like the guy that was a pro-bowler for New England in 2013. He has been BALLING so far this season and hopefully he can keep it up. On this play he executes a perfect T/E stunt with John Simon and gets free for an easy sack on Luke Falk.

The only real threat the Jets had in this game was RB Le’Veon Bell, so stopping him was probably the biggest part of New England’s gameplan. Well, stop him they did. He finished with 18 carries for 35 yards (1.9 yards per carry). On this play the Patriots bring both safeties up to the line of scrimmage and blitz them through the A-gaps. The offensive line didn’t expect them to actually blitz so they didn’t account for them and they are able to stuff Bell eight yards behind the line of scrimmage. Don’t see many defenses blitzing both safeties but that is something the Patriots can do because of how good their corners are. A luxury that they haven’t had in years past.

The Jets being the Jets, as they run a play action and Luke Falk hands the ball off to no one. Regardless of that, Michael Bennett swims over the RG and runs through the RT to get to the QB with ease for a quick sack. Bennett hasn’t made much noise on the stat sheet, but he has been more than reliable so far. It’s only a matter of time before he has one of those vintage Michael Bennett performances.

There are an enormous amount of plays that I could throw in here to show how dominant the Patriots defense was, but you get the point. I just want to show my boy Kyle Van Noy some love as I think he may be the most underrated player on this defense full of them. He is an LB at heart but the Patriots bring him down on the line of scrimmage all the time where he performs so well. He pretty much bullies the TE right off the jump and pushes him off to stop this run at the line of scrimmage. Talking heads need to start giving Van Noy the love he deserves. Has molded into a pro-bowl caliber player ever since joining the Patriots.

All in all, there really wasn’t that much to talk about from this game as nothing the Patriots did was unexpected against this Jets squad. Regardless, it was a fantastic game given the circumstances. It would’ve been really easy for the Patriots to play sloppy and still come out with a win but they seemed locked in for the better part of the game.

The best part about watching this Patriots team so far is that the beginning of the season is usually tough sledding for them. New England being this dominant so early is a sign that this may be the best team they have assembled in recent memory. If this isn’t even the Patriot’s peak, the rest of the NFL should be VERY scared, AGAIN.

This week, New England travels to Buffalo to take on the Bills in a battle of undefeated teams. Should be interesting to see how the Patriots fare against their first “real” competition of the year.

Let’s RIDE.