The 2019-2020 NHL Season is nearing the final month of the regular season. The trade deadline is fast approaching as teams will look to compete for the Stanley Cup or towards next year. Here’s how all 31 teams stack up prior to the trade deadline.

31. Detroit Red Wings (14-43-4)

The Red Wings are focused on the draft and looking to improve their roster. They will look to trade away veteran players to acquire draft capital while keeping their young core intact.

30. Los Angeles Kings (21-33-5)

The Kings are another team in rebuild mode. Watch for Tyler Toffoli to be moved by the Kings at the trade deadline. Toffoli is a 30 goal scorer and an impending free agent.

29. Ottawa Senators (20-28-11)

The Senators will look to play spoiler to playoff-hopeful teams in the remainder of the regular season. Watch out for the Senators to try to acquire more draft capital around the trade deadline.

28. New Jersey Devils (22-26-10)

The Devils have been a mess this season with underperforming and questionable moves by the front office. Wayne Simmonds will be an interesting name to follow at the trade deadline. The Devils could keep him for locker room presence or trade him and acquire assets for their rebuilding team.

27. San Jose Sharks (26-28-4)

From Stanley Cup hopefuls to the cellar of the league, the Sharks won’t have much to show for their disastrous season as its first-round pick belongs to the Senators. Star defenseman Erik Karlsson is done for the year after breaking his thumb.

26. Anaheim Ducks (24-27-7)

The Ducks are a near-lock to miss the playoffs for the second straight season. They have the cap space to take on hefty contracts in return for assets.

25. Minnesota Wild (27-24-7)

The Wild completed the biggest trade so far by sending Jason Zucker to the Penguins for a first-round pick, Alex Galchenyuk, and Calen Addison. The Wild are in a prime position to be sellers at the trade deadline.

24. Montreal Canadiens (27-26-8)

The Canadiens have been extremely mediocre this season, they have been stuck in the middle of the playoff race all season but have yet to make a push to a playoff spot. But, the Canadiens remain one key piece away from being considered a legitimate playoff contender.

23. Buffalo Sabres (27-24-8)

A lack of offensive talent has kept Buffalo out of the postseason since 2011, and the franchise has not done anything to help their superstar player Jack Eichel. The Sabres should look to capitalize on their wealth of defensemen at the trade deadline and acquire another offensive weapon.

22. Chicago Blackhawks (26-24-8)

The Blackhawks have struggled as of late as they looked to make a run for the playoffs. Their defense has been horrendous all year and they have not had the offensive power that the past teams have had.

21. Winnipeg Jets (29-25-5)

Winnipeg has jumped back into wild-card contention. But, their horrendous defense might be their biggest killer in the playoff race. So, look for the Jets to acquire a veteran defenseman from a rebuilding team.

20. New York Rangers (30-24-5)

The Rangers are 7-3 in their last 10 games as they try to sneak their way into the playoffs. The Rangers also possess the deadline’s most sought after forward, Chris Kreider. But their recent success might hesitate their GM to move him at the trade deadline.

19. Arizona Coyotes (29-24-8)

The Coyotes have hit a rough stretch going 3-4-3 in their last 10 games. The Coyotes have less than a million dollars in cap space, so look for them to trade away Michael Grabner to gain more money.

18. Calgary Flames (30-24-6)

The Flames have not been the offensive juggernaut that they were the year prior. However, they find themselves sitting in a wild card spot and are looking forward to a long postseason run.

17. Nashville Predators (29-22-7)

The Predators are 7-3 in their last 10 games and are streaking towards a wild card position.

16. Las Vegas Golden Knights (30-22-8)

The Golden Knights are in the midst of the playoff race with just a little over a month remaining in the regular season. The hiring of Peter DeBoer is shaping out to be a season-changing move for the Golden Knights.

15. Edmonton Oilers (32-21-6)

The Oilers are slightly more balanced this season and have performed better at 5-on-5 play than last year. But, if they want to make a deep postseason tun they will need to acquire a solid second-line winger to boost their team.

14. Florida Panthers (30-22-6)

The Panthers are heading the wrong direction lately by going 3-6-1 in their last 10 games. The Panthers have one of the best offensive attacks but have glaring issues with goal prevention. The Panthers will look at the deadline to acquire a defenseman to help them get into the playoffs.

13. Vancouver Canucks (32-22-5)

The Canucks’ 8-3-0 record in January launched them towards the top of the Pacific Division. The Canucks have struggled mightily on the road this year, which could end up being dangerous for their quest for the playoffs.

12. Philadelphia Flyers (32-20-7)

The Flyers are in thick of the playoff race even without being dominant in one aspect of the game. However, this Flyers team is a team that nobody will want to face come playoff time if they can make it.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs (31-21-8)

The Leafs have been uber inconsistent this year. Their defense and goaltending remain the weaknesses of the team. But with one of the most talented rosters in the league, the Leafs are sitting in a playoff spot at the moment.

10. Carolina Hurricanes (33-21-4)

Dougie Hamilton’s injury has hindered the Hurricanes. Hamilton was on his way to a potential Norris Trophy before his broken left fibula. But, the Hurricanes have plenty of draft picks to acquire a fill-in defenseman at the trade deadline.

9. Columbus Blue Jackets (30-18-12)

The Blue Jackets have surpassed expectations all season and are in a wildcard position at the moment. The injury to star defensemen, Seth Jones, should prevent the Blue Jackets from being buyers at the trade deadline.

8. Dallas Stars (34-19-6)

The Dallas Stars are in a similar position as last year, with stingy defense and flawless goaltending. Without a deep prospect pool and limited flexibility, the Stars will look on their veterans to produce more offense.

7. New York Islanders (33-18-6)

The Islanders are led by their goaltending and defense this year. They missed out on Artemi Panarin in the offseason and will now have to look at the trade deadline to acquire a goal scorer.

6. Colorado Avalanche (33-18-6)

The Avalanche have been the second-best team in the Western Conference all year. They should compete with the Blues in the playoffs for the Western Conference title. The Avalanche could look to acquire depth on the blue line at the deadline.

5. St. Louis Blues (32-17-10)

The Blues have hit a tough stretch in their season going 2-6-2 in their last 10 games. They still are atop of the Western Conference. The Blues will be in the playoffs yet again this year and they have a complete roster to defend their title.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins (36-15-6)

The Penguins made their move by acquiring Jason Zucker earlier this month. The injuries have yet to catch up to the Penguins this year. The Penguins might want to add another depth piece in case they sustain another injury.

3. Washington Capitals (37-16-5)

The Capitals, led by Alexander Ovechkin, are looking to stay healthy during the final run of the regular season. The Capitals are a deep and talented team that will want to make it to the playoffs at full strength.

2. Tampa Bay Lightning (39-15-5)

Don’t look away because the Lightning have won 10 games in a row. They are streaking at the right time with their deep and potent team. Will this be the year the Lightning get over the funk in the playoffs?

1. Boston Bruins (37-11-12)

It seems like every year the Bruins are in need of another forward to come in and bolster their top three lines. Boston’s main core is still intact and ready for another deep playoff run. The Bruins have been linked to forward, Chris Kreider, who would bolster this team and surely help them for another title run.