Only one more round stand in our way until we reach the culmination of the NFL season: the Super Bowl. All of the hype and excitement surrounding these four teams will be put to the test this Sunday. Explosive offense is the name of the game in two games that will feature the two best seeds in each conference. Here is who the ASN Team thinks will win.

Joe DeLeone (33%)

My main rationale for picking both games is related to good teams do not lose to the same team twice. Rams’ head coach Sean McVay is one of the smartest coaches in the NFL and will be able to correct the mistakes that hampered them in Week 9. A healthy Aqib Talib will be able to keep Michael Thomas in check for the Rams. Additionally, the Saints not having Sheldon Rankins in the interior will open the door for the Rams double-edged rushing attack. 

In the AFC Championship, so many variables come into play. MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes will have another standout performance. The Chiefs defense has been hot after shutting down Andrew Luck in the Divisional Round. They will be pressuring Tom Brady constantly, making it impossible for him to move the ball. 

NFC Championship: Rams 48, Saints 42

AFC Championship: Chiefs 24 , Patriots 21

Sean Anderson (50%)

This match up for the NFC title is a true head vs. heart dilemma. My head is telling me that the Saints are very experienced and disciplined. Whereas my heart is telling me that the Rams are just too well-rounded. I fully believe that the loss of Sheldon Rankins for the Saints will be the deciding factor in a Rams victory.

The buildup for this AFC Championship game has been unparalleled by any others in recent history. The narratives, the electric new QB in Mahomes, the greatest QB of all time in Brady, the ‘weather’ in KC. All have been talked about at nauseam. Personally I am just ready to see the look on Stone Freeman’s face when the Chiefs best the Pats in Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday.

NFC Championship: Rams 30, Saints 27

AFC Championship: Chiefs 38, Patriots 34

Collin Carofano (66%)

This NFC title game will be a great battle between probably the two best teams in the league this year. Their game this past November was a great one, which everyone thought would be a preview of the NFC championship game anyway, with the Saints taking the win that night. I believe this game will be so fun to watch and the Saints will pull off the win due to the experience and their players are more 100% then the Rams’ are.

Another conference championship game that will be very fun to watch, the match up between the Chiefs and the Pats will be a great one. The greatest quarterback of all-time in Tom Brady facing off against one of the best up and coming quarterbacks in the league, Patrick Mahomes, with an insane offense to work with. The loss of Kareem Hunt does hurt their game though, and Andy Reid is never a coach to be reliant on, so the Pats take this one and move on to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row.

NFC Championship: Saints 34, Rams 28

AFC Championship: Patriots 38, Chiefs 27

Nick Simeone (0%)

This match up has all of the elements of a great one. Two top scoring offenses led by two top coaches collide for a rematch in one of the most electric atmospheres in the NFL. New Orleans may have come out with the victory in Week 9, but these teams have some significant changes. The Rams will regain Aqib Talib and have added CJ Anderson, who has great addition to the run game (apparent in last week’s win). As for the Saints, they’re missing Sheldon Rankins – the anchor of their run defense. Yet, I still find myself unable to pick against Drew Brees in the dome. The Saints will win by a field goal and punch a ticket to Super Bowl LIII.

This one is simple for me – I will not go against the Pats until Brady and Belichick show any signs of slowing down. I am aware that Brady didn’t have his statistically greatest season, and I am aware they are on the road against this year’s MVP – Patrick Mahomes. The fact of the matter is that the Patriots are coming off of their best game of the season and are led by the greatest quarterback this game has ever seen teamed up with the greatest coach. As elementary as that sounds, it really is that simple.

NFC Championship: Saints 37. Rams 34

AFC Championship: Patriots 31, Chiefs 23