The NBA All-Star Weekend limited the amount of games played this month. However, with the games that were played and a very entertaining NBA trade deadline, we will still see plenty of movement in the power rankings. Let’s see where each team stands.

Photo by Brad Penner/USA Sports Today

30. Houston Rockets: 16-49

February ranking: 27

Not only are Rockets fans likely disappointed in 2nd overall pick Jalen Green’s dunk contest performance, but this team is also only 1-9 in their last 10 and won only one game in the month of February.

29. Orlando Magic: 16-49

February ranking: 30

With the same record as the Rockets, the Orlando Magic are barely able to move past them in the rankings. The return of Markelle Fultz and a 4-6 record in their last 10 games gives them the slight edge but this is still a struggling team.

28. Detroit Pistons: 18-47

February ranking: 29

Although this season is pretty much in the tank for the Pistons, they still have a bright future. Cade Cunningham has looked like the player the Pistons hoped for when they drafted him and they have 10 players currently on their roster under 24 years old. To add onto that Marvin Bagely is averaging almost 14 PPG since his arrival to Detroit.

27. Oklahoma City Thunder: 20-44

February ranking: 28

In the last rankings the Thunder moved down a bit because of the injury of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Since the all-star break, he’s been on another level averaging 33 points per game on almost 57% shooting.

26. Indiana Pacers: 22-44

February ranking: 25

The addition of Tyrese Haliburton helps the future for the Pacers, but this team still isn’t going to be competing this year barring something drastic. There’s still good pieces on this roster and with a lottery pick to add, things are looking good in Indiana.

25. Sacramento Kings: 24-43

Previous ranking: 26

Lots of Kings fans were very frustrated after giving away Haliburton, however Domantas Sabonis is still a great player and former All-Star. The biggest problem with the Kings lies within their front office. Sacramento has the longest playoff drought in the NBA.

24: Portland Trail Blazers: 25-39

Previous ranking: 24

Damian Lillard, Jusuf Nurkic, Nasir Little amongst others have all missed a lot of time this past month due to injury. This season is beginning to look like a wash, however, they’re only two games outside of a play-in spot. Anfernee Simons has been a bright spot during this time averaging 22 PPG post all-star break.

23: San Antonio Spurs: 25-40

Previous ranking: 23

Gregg Popovich is one game away from becoming the all time winningest coach in NBA history. Unfortunately this won’t be a season most Spurs fans will think of when remembering coach Pop’s legacy.

22: Washington Wizards: 29-34

Previous ranking: 20

Washington announced that Bradley Beal will miss the remainder of the season with a wrist injury. However, Kyle Kuzma and newcomer Kristaps Porzingis still make this a difficult team to beat.

21: New York Knicks: 27-38

Previous ranking: 21

As the season continues, New York’s playoff hopes drift further away. 3-7 in their last 10 games isn’t very inspiring, but they’ve played well of late and a lot of those losses have been against some of the best teams in the league.

20: New Orleans Pelicans: 27-37

Previous ranking: 22

In last month’s column, I talked about how excited I was for the possibility of a Zion Williamson return. Now Zion is slowly increasing his rehab, CJ McCollum has been phenomenal in his acquisition and the team is 4-1 since the all star break. They’re one of the more dangerous teams in a play-in spot right now if Zion returns healthy.

19: Los Angeles Lakers: 28-36

Previous ranking: 19

The Lakers are spiraling out of control. Anthony Davis hasn’t been able to stay on the court, Russell Westbrook stories are coming out almost daily and the rest of the roster isn’t picking up the slack. Meanwhile 37 year old Lebron James is averaging almost 30 PPG.

18: Charlotte Hornets: 32-33

Previous ranking: 16

Charlotte had a difficult February posing a 2-10 record for the month. However, this team is still in a good position and sits at the eight spot in the Eastern Conference.

17: Atlanta Hawks: 31-33

Previous ranking: 15

The team that shocked everyone and went to the Eastern Conference finals last year has been living up to those expectations as of late. They’re still stuck in the play-in tournament and six games away from that six seed.

16: Toronto Raptors: 34-30

Previous ranking: 13

Toronto has been a fun team this year. However I don’t see a high ceiling from this team due to a significant lack of depth outside their starters. Their starters play a lot of minutes which can hurt them in a playoff series.

15: Los Angeles Clippers: 34-32

Previous ranking: 17

The Clippers have looked good recently, winning seven of their last 10 and moving into the eight seed of the Western Conference. In order to really be competitive in the playoffs they’ll need Kawhi Leonard and/or Paul George to return. Luckily for them, both players seem to be making progress.

14. Minnesota Timberwolves

Previous ranking: 18 

Minnesota has been awesome since the all-star break, winning five in a row and comfortably in the seven spot of the West. While it hasn’t been the hardest schedule, Timberwolves fans should be excited for this season and the future.

13: Brooklyn Nets: 32-33

Previous ranking: 12

There was a lot of conversation about who won the Brooklyn/Philadelphia trade at the deadline, but I think both teams got better as a result of it. Obviously replacing someone as talented as James Harden is extremely difficult to do, but when Kevin Durant missed games and with Kyrie Irving still only playing half of the season, the team showcased a serious depth issue. They were able to acquire three players that should help them compete this season.

12: Cleveland Cavaliers: 37-27

Previous ranking: 8

With an under .500 record in their last 10 games and now behind the Boston Celtics in the standings, the Cavaliers slide a bit in these rankings. This is still a promising young group whose opponents average the least amount of points in the league. Not a team to sleep on.

11: Denver Nuggets: 39-26

Previous ranking: 11

Still a dangerous team, Denver sits outside the top 10 for the second straight month. It’s unclear if Jamal Murray and Michael Porter will return anytime soon, but as long as Nikola Jokic is still suiting up they have a chance to win every night.

10: Chicago Bulls: 39-26

Previous ranking: 7 

The Bulls have really struggled as of late, losing their last five games and now the Celtics are only half a game behind them in the standings. However, all these games were against top competition. I expect this team to move back to their previous ranking with a return of Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso.

9: Dallas Mavericks: 40-25

Previous ranking: 9

Luka Doncic averaged the second most points per game in the month of February and has beaten some good teams during that time. The question now is how sustainable will that be and is the team better after trading Kristaps Porzingis.

8: Boston Celtics: 39-27

Previous ranking: 14

The biggest climb on this list, the Boston Celtics are really hitting their stride. They’ve moved all the way up to the five seed and within striking distance to keep going. The team was already one of the best defenses in the league and now their offense is clicking. Will the Celtics continue to rise, or will they fall back down to Earth?

7: Utah Jazz: 40-24

Previous ranking: 10

Utah had the best winning percentage among the entire league in the month of February. Fans and media alike forget about this team because they’ve been so consistently good for a few years, but haven’t gone to the finals. The Jazz have the talent to make it there this year.

6: Golden State Warriors: 43-22

Previous ranking: 2

The Warriors have to fall on this list after losing their last five games. Draymond Green still hasn’t played since January and his loss is obviously being felt. This is another team I expect to climb back up the rankings when fully healthy.

5: Milwaukee Bucks: 40-25

Previous ranking: 4

The top of the East is so loaded right now, it’s easy to see 5-6 teams going to the Finals. The defending champs still have as good a chance as anyone and the return of Brook Lopez will only help them.

4: Philadelphia 76ers: 40-24

Previous ranking: 5

Philly and Milwaukee swap this month thanks to how well the 76ers have played since the James Harden trade. They’re 5-1 since Harden joined the team and him and Embiid have looked like the duo that everyone expected them to be.

3: Miami Heat: 44-22

Previous rankings: 6

That one loss that Philly had with Harden was at the hands of the Miami Heat. This team took over the no. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference at the beginning of last month and they don’t look like they plan to lose it anytime soon.

2: Memphis Grizzlies: 44-22

Previous ranking: 3

Probably the most fun to watch team in the NBA right now, this team keeps you at the edge of your seat every time they play. I love the energy the entire team plays with and Ja Morant is simply on another level right now.

1: Phoenix Suns: 52-13

Previous ranking: 1

Even without Chris Paul this team has the depth to remain at bay until his return. With eight more wins than any other team in the league, Phoenix is no doubt the favorites to win it all.