The NBA held its annual All-Star game in Chicago on Sunday night and the festivities to honor Kobe Bryant stole the show. Yet, the players had actually tried. The reasoning for this is simple. The first three quarters were played and the winners of those quarters got money donated to a charity of their choice. The two teams split the first three quarters and the target score was set 24 points above team Giannis’s score to honor the late Kobe Bryant. The Game ended with a free throw by Anthony Davis and team Lebron won 157-156.

Watch the dramatic ending below: (Video Courtesy of House of Highlights Youtube)

Both teams really tried their hardest and were making their signature plays left and right so it was very entertaining to watch.

People took to twitter to voice their opinions

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It even got former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi to try and get the NFL to fix their lackluster Pro-Bowl

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This all star game was one of the best in recent memory just due to the fact that the stars wanted to play and genuinely gave effort. Hopefully, the more leagues can take from this and adapt to it and the NBA can grow upon this and maybe during skills weekend they can add a 1 on 1 tournament. There are a lot of possibilities but I love where the NBA is going.