Midway through the best season of all, the Patriots look nearly unstoppable and that is in part to number 10. Flash Gordon has proved Bill Belichick right once again and the Patriots didn’t give up anything for him due to the condition of that draft pick that was sent to Cleveland last year. Gordon did not play in as many games as needed so New England got that pick back. Now let’s look at the good, bad and what’s to come for this young receiver.

The Good:

Josh Gordon has been one of Brady’s favorite targets this season as he has looked to him consistently even if he is covered. He has 20 catches for 287 yards and a touchdown. Not only is he productive and that was shown first game back, but he also creates space for Edelman, Dorsett, etc to work their magic in the middle of the field. Gordon and Harry once he comes back in week 9 can become one of the most lethal one two punches in the NFL similar to what Fuller and Hopkins are becoming. Yes, that’s a high ceiling but these guys are very very talented and work within a system that will allow them to succeed especially with the greatest quarterback to ever live. With Gordon healthy, the Patriots will finally have a deep threat that can scare defenses and they have yet to have that since Randy Moss set the single season touchdown mark. Also, if you remember in the game against the Colts last year, Gordon made a catch similar to Moss over multiple defenders. Now that is all if he stays healthy which leads me to the bad.

The Bad:

Over Gordon’s 7 year career, he has only played 58 games. No, not because of injury but because of his substance abuse problem. He went from being a thousand yard receiver to watching at home being suspended indefinitely. It does seem this year Gordon knows his place and Brady found a way to straighten him out so that should not be a problem anymore and many have been optimistic about him and in interviews you can just tell how excited he is to be here. However, the substance abuse may be behind him but injuries right now are starting to catch up to him as according to NESN Gordon is most likely going to be out for Monday’s matchup against the Jets. Gordon’s knee has been a problem this year. He’s been so productive and so lethal when coming down with big catches that it starting to take a toll on his body just like Edelman. Without Gordon in the lineup on Thursday for that second half, the Patriots were a one personnel type of team but were still effective. Once healthy and Flash returns to full force, expect this team to steamroll through the rest of the banged up AFC and maybe find themselves in Miami for the second time this year.

The Future:

Honestly, it looks like the Patriots have faith in Gordon to keep performing as they kept his tender despite him being suspended at the beginning of the year. Bill obviously sees something in him so it looks like #10 in New England is here to stay unless something drastic happens and they are forced to cut ties with him but in all it seems this was a match made in heaven as Gordon got a second chance and the Patriots got their deep threat for old Tommy Boy.