Starting off my Football Sunday, I was hopeful. Home in Connecticut for the holidays, I knew there was no chance I’d be able to watch a Jaguars game in this area, but that was okay. The Jacksonville Jaguars were at home playing the Washington Redskins, the team powering on starting their fourth quarterback of the season. Coming off last week’s debacle against Tennessee, it was time for the Jags to secure another win.


That day I went Christmas shopping with my mom, all the while receiving ESPN notifications for the Redskins-Jaguars game at 1:00. Before the game started, I knew Bortles wasn’t playing and Cody Kessler was once again taking the helm. I knew the Jags defense was going to shine (I was starting them for both my fantasy teams) and I also knew I had just written an article about keeping the faith, so I was doing just that.


To my understanding, the Jaguars were winning a majority of the game. I was so excited to write an article about their win, I was already thinking of phrases to include like “we did it!” or “finally!” or “I knew it!” Next thing I knew, I was reading a notification that read “Redskins 16 Jaguars 13 FINAL” and I was shocked. I read the notification to my mom, who then responded, “What happened?” I myself was wondering the same thing.

Later in the day, I went to ESPN to have the question answered. In short, Redskins TE Jeremy Sprinkle tied the game by diving into the end zone in dramatic fashion, and then the Redskins went on to win it on a field goal. All this happened in the last six minutes of the game. An article that can be found here read, “With a lot of help from running back Adrian Peterson, Johnson drove the Redskins (7-7) into field-goal range in the closing minutes and set up Dustin Hopkins‘ 36-yard field goal on the final play.” I couldn’t believe it, but at the same time, yes I could. I told my brother about the Jaguars’ unfortunate ending to their game on Sunday, voicing my frustrations, and he very wisely stated, “Sounds pretty Jaguars.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.


By now I would have thought I’d be used to the Jaguars’ shenanigans, but they never cease to amaze me in ways they blow games, or just screw up overall. They were in the lead almost the entire game. To be fair, I have to give credit where credit is due. Although the Jags did lose, Dede Westbrook ran a punt all the way back 74 yards for a touchdown. Since we can’t seem to score on offense with frequency, I believe I speak for all of the Jacksonville fans when I say any points are appreciated. Also, like I had hoped, the Jaguars defense got me a noteworthy amount of fantasy points, although not enough for me to win the matchup (sigh).


So the Jaguars are 4-10 now heading into Week 16 against the Miami Dolphins, who I’ve grown a certain affinity for since the so-called “Miami Miracle.” Speaking of which, one of my own personal highlights of the weekend was the Patriots loss to the Steelers, but this article isn’t about that. Once again, here’s to hoping next week’s final score for Jacksonville is in their favor. We may be way out of playoff contention, but a win’s a win in my book.