In what seems to be familiar fashion to the 2019 Rams, they see a victory slip right from their grasps. September 28, 2019 saw the Rams vs the Seawolves from Stony Brook. The first half was a defensive standstill with neither team gaining much of an advantage yet Stony Brook was able to convert a drive into 7 points and take a 7-0 lead at halftime.

The next quarter and a half saw the two teams trade touchdowns and despite two turnovers from the SeaWolves the Rams couldn’t capitalize much except for a 99 yard kickoff return from Dorsey that sent everyone into a frenzy. The score was 24-14 with 1:45 left in the game and Rhody needed to call upon the football gods for answers.

Suddenly, Priore who was 26-39 on the night started to find receivers wide open. He was able to get a defensive pass interference call that set Rhody up at the 24 yard line which he then only needed one down to throw a strike to Coulter (who was leading receiver with 99 receiving yards) that narrowed the gap 24-21 with 1:42 remaining. Rhody elected for an onside kick despite having all 3 timeouts and a perfect hop that bounced right to Coulter and gave Rhody the ball back. That’s when everyone started to believe the football gods would finally give Rhody their big break.

Dorsey who had a monster night with a 99 yard kickoff return for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter, made a beautiful catch on a great throw from Priore for 24 yards and a Ram first down. Then, with 1:05 remaining Priore found Aaron Parker for his second touchdown of the night. The extra point was no good so the score remained 27-24. This game though was far from over.

Stony Brook got the ball at their own 25 yard line with 2 timeouts and needing a field goal. Their best option Isaiah White who ran for 109 yards was going to be virtually taken out due to the pass first mentality. URI still decided to bring the pressure on every down however, and nearly got to Fields but Fields who was 15-31 on the day was able to make plays when needed. Then, the Rams bowed their necks and wouldn’t let the SeaWolves past the 50 until 4th down. On fourth down, Fields dropped back to pass and saw nobody open so he took it and a few missed tackles from the Rams and he was in the end zone for what ended up the game winning touchdown with 22 seconds remaining. The crowd went from roaring and shouting to pure silence. Everyone, even in the booth were shocked at what they had just witnessed.

After the Game: A clearly shocked Jim Fleming said about his team’s performance;”Offensively we’ve been extremely resilient and continue to bang away against tough defenses and all that good stuff.”

“We made some incredible plays to put the game in a very winnable area and to let it bleed out like that is a bit shocking and I’m pissed off about it you know.”

URI will look to bounce back after suffering yet another heartbreaking loss when they hit the road next week when their interstate rivalry with Brown University is renewed.