The Washington Nationals are in their first World Series as a franchise and the Houston Astros are in their second Fall Classic in three years.

After handily sweeping the Cardinals in the NLCS and taking the Dodgers to game five of the NLDS when Howie Kendrick put them on his back and hit a go-ahead grand slam in the tenth put them here.

The Astro’s themselves had to deal with a game five in the Divison Series, this time against the Wild Card team. They were powered to victory by a dominant Garrett Cole start. In the ALCS the ‘Stros advanced behind a Jose Altuve two-run walk-off home run in game six.

However, the offense in this World Series doesn’t project to be the story. Game one’s matchup is Garrett Cole against Max Scherzer, a pitching matchup we’ve been waiting for. Game two will be Justin Verlander up against Steven Strausberg, game three most likely appears to be Annibal Sanchez against Zack Greinke, also meaning that Davey Martinez has Patrick Corbin in his back pocket and most likely available out of the bullpen for games one and two.

Why the Nationals will win:

The Nationals will win because of their pitching, it’s plain and simple. After almost throwing two no-hitters in the NLCS, their pitching is poised for a big performance. Now yes, this isn’t even close to the same lineup as the Cardinals but that doesn’t change how well the Washington Nationals are throwing the ball right now.

Why the Nationals will lose:

The Nationals will lose for two reasons. their pitching doesn’t pitch to the caliber they can and their offense doesn’t perform over the way that they have been. Say Scherzer has a bad start or the team gets one or two hit by the just as dominant Astros pitching staff.

Why the Astros will win:

The Astros will win if they just play their type of baseball. If they use the same formula that they used in the ALCS they’ll win their second ring. Even if their rotation pitches to just half their ability they’ll be just fine.

Why the Astros will lose:

It goes the same for the Astros, if they don’t pitch and hit to their caliber. They just need to play their game and they should come away World Series champions.