It’s official—Alex Cora is once again the manager of the Boston Red Sox.

The team’s former skipper was suspended from the league earlier this year because of his suspected involvement in the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal of 2017. Cora’s rehiring comes just a week after the conclusion of his suspension.

According to CBS Sports Staff Writer R.J. Anderson, the managerial role ultimately came down to Cora and former big league outfielder Sam Fuld. Anderson wrote that Fuld worked with Red Sox executive Chaim Bloom during their time shared with the Tampa Bay Rays. In the end, the Sox chose to bring back their franchise’s beloved manager, who has played a huge role in the development of the team since taking charge two years ago.

Players on the Red Sox roster are no doubt thrilled with the return of their former manager. In 2018, when the Sox won 108 regular season wins (a franchise record) and were crowned World Series champions, it was Cora at the helm—in his first year as manager.

It’s no secret that this year was a disappointment for Boston. The Red Sox went 24-36 through the 60-game season with Ron Roenicke as manager. Cora was not the only familiar face absent from the clubhouse; the Sox were missing several key players like Chris Sale, Eduardo Rodriguez and most notably (sigh) Mookie Betts.

With their meek performance this season, Boston secured the 4th-overall pick in the 2021 draft, currently set to take place in July of next year. With Cora back in business, fans can only hope that the Red Sox will kick it back into gear and pick up where they left off when Cora was in control.