After taking two weeks to think this list and a couple of revisions, here is what I came up with for the post week-two PLL Power Rankings:

1 – Whipsnakes (2-0)

Previous Ranking: 1

Not much else to say than what was said last power rankings. It’s been 600+ days since the Whipsnakes last lost a game. They had a close call this weekend, beating the Cannons in overtime, but until the wheels fall off, the Whips are the team to beat in the PLL.

2 – Archers (2-0)

Previous Ranking: 2

The Archers looked mortal for the first quarter of their week two bout with the Chaos and were even down 6-1 at one point. Then Tom Schreiber remembered he was the best player in the world. The Archers went on to win 12-8 led by five Will Manny goals.

Now, the Archers haven’t really been tested (beating the Atlas and Chaos) in their first two weeks, but their matchup against the Waterdogs this week will tell us a lot more about this team than anything up to this point has. 

3 – Cannons (1-2)

Previous Ranking: 4

I know, the visceral reaction to seeing a 1-2 team ranked higher than 2-1 teams seems wrong but I am very high on this Cannons team. Part of the reason I have them so high is that I think their offense and defense can get even better than they are. 

The defense is still young with their top cover defender, Jack Kielty, being a rookie on a team that has been playing together for less than a month. 

The offense has a lot of weapons but they aren’t really working cohesively yet. Only 4/13 goals against the Whipsnakes were assisted, and a Sean Kirwan offense headlined by Lyle Thompson should breed a lot more assists than that. 

In addition to the belief that they will get even better, they’ve been really good so far on both sides of the ball. My charting gives the Cannons the second best defensive rating, offensive rating, and net rating in the entire PLL despite playing three of the league’s best teams (Redwoods, Waterdogs, Whipsnakes).

Don’t sleep on the Cannons.

4 – Redwoods (2-1)

Previous Ranking: 2

The Redwoods had somewhat of a disappointing performance against the Atlas in week two, but the final score doesn’t tell the whole story. Atlas goalie Jack Concannon was a man possessed in week two, and anyone who has played against a goalie in that zone knows how much smaller your margin for error when shooting is. I think that resulted in a bad case of the yips for the Redwoods offense throughout the whole game. Combine that with a solid gameplan from the Atlas and that’s what will happen in a league with as much talent as the PLL. 

I think the Woods still have some ways to go before they get there, but they have potential to be the final team standing when it’s all said and done. They need to rebound in a big way this week against a reeling Chaos team

5 – Waterdogs (2-1)

Previous Ranking: 7

The Waterdogs proved all of their doubters wrong in week two going 2-0 and winning in dominant fashion. It seems like they have found their groove and identity on offense and that defense is starting to play more aggressive and cause more turnovers. I think it’s probably still too early to crown the Dogs, but a tough matchup against the Archers this weekend will tell us a lot about this team.

6 – Atlas (1-1)

Previous Ranking: 8

Atlas proved to the world just how close the talent level in this league is with their win against the Redwoods. I think that Jack Concannon had a lot  more to do with that win, however, than people think. Sure, the offense played solid but that defense still worries me. 

Despite this ranking being “low” for a team that just beat a 2-0 squad, it just goes to show how deep the league is. It will be fun to watch first overall pick Jeff Teat make his debut against the Whips this weekend, let’s see how the Atlas do against the reigning champs before we make any further assumptions about this team.

7 – Chrome (0-2)

Previous Ranking: 6

The injury bug is Chrome’s biggest rival right now, and that can be very hard to shake in such a short season. Losing their best attackman and two best defenders before week three is detrimental and now this team has to find their new identity and find it quickly. Does that mean you move Ned Crotty to attack? Sign someone like Dylan Molloy or Mark Matthews? Make a trade? Who knows, all I know is that if Chrome continues playing the way they have been, it won’t be long before they’re ranked even lower than seventh.

8 – Chaos (0-3)

Previous Ranking: 5

The Chaos are just a broken team. Nothing they are doing on either side of the ball is working, they can’t win faceoffs, one of their players bit another players finger off, etc. I think a couple of moves could make this team better, like moving Jarrod Neumann to LSM, signing a couple players from the player pool, giving Mac O’Keefe more two man game opportunities, but nothing really changes my view of this team as a bottom-three roster in the PLL. We could see some magic from this team like we did last year, but it’s not looking too bright for them right now.