#32 Washington Redskins

WHAT?! There’s a new bottom team in the NFL and it’s the Washington Redskins. They came in at thirty last week and they had the Patriots and Tom Brady destroy them this week. The first half looked promising but after halftime, the Patriots picked apart Washington’s defense, which ultimately lead to the hiring of Jay Gruden

#31 Miami Dolphins

Dolphins fans got lucky this week. They didn’t have to watch the absolute dumpster fire of a team play. That’s why they move up, not because they played well, but because they didn’t play.

#30 New York Jets

The Jets were almost shut out by what was a struggling Eagles team but mustered a touchdown to start the fourth quarter but in typical Jets fashion they, for whatever reason, went for two and didn’t make it.

#29 Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons, oh the Falcons. My guess is Dan Quinn has maybe two more weeks being gainfully employed. After getting obliterated by the Houston Texans with Deshaun Watson at quarterback looks almost as bad as losing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

#28 Pittsburg Steelers

If you thought the Steelers were done after losing Big Ben, now they’re really done. Mason Rudolph in all likely-hood is done for the year. The only thing they have to hang their hats on is they have Minkah Fitzpatrick anchoring down the secondary.

#27 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals didn’t play terrible this weekend, although they played a pretty bad team overall in the Cardinals. They were able to fight back from being down 23-9 only for a last-second Zane Gonzales field goal to give the Cards the win.

#26 Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray (who should’ve played baseball) earned his first NFL win on Sunday. Although he didn’t play to what I think is his full potential only having a 87.1 quarterback rating. However, Zane Gonzales bailed him out late after their offense somewhat fizzled in the second half.

#25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It was too little too late for the Bucs in week five. Jamies Winston wasn’t terrible for the Bucs but they just couldn’t get over the hump to get passed the almighty Saints.

#24 Denver Broncos

Oh, the Broncos, they got their first win of the year but they still should be tanking. Joe Flacco wasn’t bad. They just got lucky that they still have somewhat of a secondary and they were able to pick off the most inconsistent QB off all-time in Phillip Rivers twice.

#23 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers just laid an egg in this game. Rivers only had 211 passing yards, Melvin Gordon only had 31 rushing yards and their only touchdown came by way off a 69 yard Desmond King punt return.

#22 Jacksonville Jaguars

It was a valiant effort for the Fighting Gardner Minshew’s but they came up just short in this battle of the backup quarterbacks. Not much to say here other than the Jags put up a decent fight to try and claw back and win.

#21 Tennessee Titans

Another not terrible, not good team here in the Titans. They hung with the 4-1 Bills until a fourth-quarter touchdown from Josh Allen to Duke Williams sealed their fate.

#20 New York Giants

Danny Dimes and the G-Men didn’t have it this week against a quarreling Vikings team. With only 182 yards and a touchdown from Jones, it wasn’t enough to put them past the Vikings who finally clicked.

#19 Cleveland Browns

Man the Browns had all this hype around them for the first time since ever and they flushed it down the toilet, not surprising, but Freddy Kitchens just looks like a deer in the headlights with a coaches headset on. Another lost like this and we might see a new head coach.

#18 Oakland Raiders

No AB, no Burfict, and the Silver and Black are still hanging in there in a pretty competitive AFC West. After allowing three quick touchdowns in the 3rd, Josh Jacobs was able to punch it in from the two to give the Raiders the win with under two minutes left.

#17 Carolina Panthers

I guess the commercial is coming true. Not too shabby Kyle Allen, and not to mention the monster 192 rushing yard and two touchdown performance from Christian McCaffery. The only thing he didn’t do well, he was 0-1 on pass attempts.

#16 Houston Texans

Against almost any other team 52 points would give you a lot more street cred, not against the Falcons, however. Deshaun threw for five and they rushed for one, a pretty solid performance but it needs to be done against a better team.

#15 Detroit Lions

Not much to say about the Lions here, they had a bye week so it was all up to others to affect their rankings.

#14 Minnesota Vikings

Goodbye 1980’s Mike Zimmer and hello 2010’s Mike Zimmer. He finally decided to throw the ball and look at what happened, 306 yards and two touchdowns from Kirk Cousins and they added 211 rushing yards.

#13 Indianapolis Colts 

Everyone who said the Colts would be nothing without Andrew Luck look like real fools now. Jacoby Brissett held his own against the big bad Chiefs. A rushing TD from Brissett and a four field-goal performance from the ageless wonder Adam Vinatieri powered the Colts offense.

#12 Chicago Bears

If the Bears hadn’t been in hibernation in quarters 1,2, and 4 they might have won this one. However, the only scoring they could produce was in the 3rd.

#11 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks had a pretty good win, but if Will Dissly and Tyler Lockett didn’t make those catches we might have a completely different story.

#10 Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are by far the most confusing team in the NFL. At times they have performances like Sunday where they have flashes of the team that won the Super Bowl and at times they look like they have no idea how to play football.

#9  Buffalo Bills

I’m not completely sold on the Bills being for real, but their defense sure is. Josh Allen needs to step up his game if Bills Mafia wants to make a much-needed playoff run.

#8 San Fransisco 49’ers

Almost the same story as the Bills here, this defense is for real. If Jimmy G can stay healthy the 9’ers are primed for what could be a deep run.

#7 Los Angeles Rams

The Rams haven’t done anything to drop themselves in our rankings. A good hard-fought Thursday night game and almost 400 yards from Jared Goff is nothing to be ashamed of. However, the defense, which is supposed to be the strongsuit of this Rams team needs to step it up, especially when Russell Wilson throws for FOUR touchdowns.

#6 Baltimore Ravens

Again, I’m not quite sure if the Ravens are for real yet but I think they surely have the ability to be. A pretty good defense and good special teams will keep them hanging around.

#5 Dallas Cowboys

The 34-24 score of this game didn’t reflect of how lopsided this game really was. Three picks from Dak isn’t great and Aaron Jones tore apart your defensive line, theres always next week Dallas.

#4 New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees who? The Bucs defense just got picked apart by Teddy Bridgewater and the Saints. Michael Thomas had almost 200 yards to go along with two touchdowns isn’t too bad either. Stay hot New Orleans.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs

WHAT? The almighty Patrick Mahomes had a bad game?! Who knew it was possible? Yeah, he threw for 300 yards but that doesn’t mean anything when you only have one touchdown and your team loses.

#2 Green Bay Packers

Two words. Aaron Jones. Four rushing touchdowns against the vaunted Cowboys defense? Not bad for the big cheese. Now if Aaron Rogers and Matt Lafleur can get on the same page this offense will be very hard to stop.

#1 New England Patriots

Yeah, you can chalk it up to the schedule but they’re doing exactly what they should be doing. The only blemish for the Pats was a 65 yard TD run by Steve Sims Jr. It felt good to see the run game get going, especially Sony Michel.